Garling vs. Whitebeard: A Man Who Gave Whitebeard The Scar (Theory)

The latest chapter of One Piece introduced a new character who may have connections to not one, but two important characters in the series. In One Piece Chapter 1086, Saint Figarland Garling is introduced. He’s the current Supreme Commander of the Holy Knights, and was once the king of God Valley.

Garling’s connection to Shanks, through the Figarland family, and God Valley has led fans to believe that he’s the one who gave Whitebeard the scar across his chest. Before the timeskip, when Shanks comes to meet Whitebeard, the older Yonko says that looking at Shanks makes the scar he got from “him” ache. 

This leads to many theories about whom Whitebeard could be referring to. Now after the introduction of Garling, a new character joins the list of possible candidates. It’s a widely known fact that Rocks Pirates made God Valley their base for some time before Roger and Garp attacked, and Whitebeard was a member of the Rocks Pirates.

It is entirely possible that when Rocks Pirates took over God Valley, Whitebeard fought against its king, Garling, and got the scar in that fight. This theory matches up with Garling being a swordsman. The hilt of his sword also seems to be broken, which could be a result of his fight against Whitebeard.

However, many discredit this theory because Whitebeard doesn’t have a scar in Oden’s flashback. This leads fans to point out that the timing isn’t quite right for Garling to give Whitebeard the scar. 

But the most believed theory is that it was Roger who wounded Whitebeard across the chest, which is why he doesn’t have a scar in Oden’s flashback but has one during Roger’s send-off. This is also understandable why Whitebeard tells Shanks that looking at him reminds Whitebeard of “him”.

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