Solo Leveling New Trailer Unveiled Every Major Character’s Design

The new trailer of Solo Leveling just dropped, and it revealed not only the time of the release of the anime but also the character designs of the major characters. In the duration of 1:43 minute of the trailer, we see many major characters appearing with introductory sequences that reveal their names and the voice actors who will be playing them. 

Here are every major character’s design in Solo Leveling new trailer: 

1) Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo

The protagonist of the series who will be voiced by Taito Ban. He is initially a weak E-rank Hunter considered to be the world’s weakest Hunter. However, after his mysterious near-death experience and the intense training he’s told to do, he becomes stronger.

2) Yoo Jinho

Yoo Jinho

He is a D-rank Korean Hunter who goes on to become the best friend of Jinwoo. Jinho will be voiced by Genta Nakamura.

3) Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho

A powerful S-rank Korean Hunter, Baek Yoonho is the Guild Master of Wild Tiger Guild. He specializes in transformation magic. He’ll be voiced by Hiroki Touchi.

4) Choi Jongin

Choi Jongin

Guild Master of the Hunters Guild, Choi Jongin is a S-rank Korean Hunter who specializes in fire magic. Daisuke Hirakawa will be voicing him.

5) Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In

Hae-In is the only female S-rank Hunter of Korea and the vice Guild Master of Hunters Guild. She’ll be voiced by Reina Uchida.

6) Woo Jinchul

Woo Jinchul

Jinchul will be voiced by Makoto Furukawa.

7) Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee

Gunhee is the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association. Banjou Ginga will be voicing him.

These are every major character’s design in the new trailer of Solo Leveling. The anime comes out in Winter 2024.

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