New Jujutsu Kaisen Special Movie with Live Action Filming

Jujutsu Kaisen emerged as a sensation upon its debut, and even more so after the amazing anime adaption, and cemented its position permanently as one of the best shounen manga of modern times.

The manga has exceeded the selling of a staggering 80 million copies, along with the release of 23 volumes of the manga, Jujutsu Kaisen is commemorating the achievements with a special movie with live action filming for the first time.

This is an exciting news for the fans of the series, and hype for Jujutsu Kaisen is now higher than ever. The much-awaited second season of the anime is premiered on July 6, and will be covering both the Hidden Inventory Arc (or as more popularly known, Gojo’s Past Arc ) and the super-hyped Shibuya Incident Arc

The manga is also currently at its peak, with the legendary battle between Gojo and Sukuna going on for some chapters now. Every new chapter of this fight brings out shocked gasps from fans and keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Now with the Jujutsu Kaisen special movie announced, fans have a lot to look forward to. But while fans are rejoicing at this announcement, they are also weary of how this live action movie will turn out to be. Historically, live action projects of anime never manage to do justice to the source material, and come across as exaggerated and unintentionally funny.

Hopefully, this Jujutsu Kaisen special movie would not go down that road, and would set an example for the new live action projects to come.

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