“The Daughter Who Married the Orochi” & “Reiwa no Dara-san” Collaborate in a Snake-themed Project

The snake-themed manga “The daughter who married the Orochi” and “Reiwa no Dara-san” have teamed up for a collaborative project in their latest releases. Both volumes have recommended each other’s works, highlighting the common motif of snakes in their stories.

“The daughter who married the Orochi” is a story of an unconventional marriage between Miyo, a human daughter, and Orochi, the lord of the mountains. In the 4th volume, Miyo’s pregnancy takes an interesting turn.

The Daughter Who Married the Orochi & Reiwa no Dara-san
The Daughter Who Married the Orochi & Reiwa no Dara-san | Credit: natalie.mu

Meanwhile, “Reiwa no Dara-san” follows the hilarious and bizarre interactions between siblings and a mysterious monster called Yamatagima Madara, or “Dara-san”. In the 2nd volume, the siblings visit another world for a sleepover with Dara, where they participate in various events like festivals and board games.

The collaboration includes trial reading leaflets in each new book, featuring a picture recommended for each other’s work. Fans of either manga can use this opportunity to check out the other.

Comments from notable personalities in the manga industry, including Kirin and Akira Kawashima, as well as Fairouz Ai, who plays Dara in the voice comic, are also included in the books.

With both series gaining popularity among readers, the collaboration is expected to further boost their fan base. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to discover two snake-themed manga and dive into their fascinating worlds!

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