Where can I watch Haikyu (all seasons) in English? | Guide 2023

Haikyu!! is the most popular volleyball anime worldwide with incredible action, fantastic character design, and an exciting plotline.

A theory has spread across the world that Haikyu Season 5 is expected to release this year. And it led to the increase of its demand.

Right now, many fans are facing problems on where to watch Haikyu (all seasons) in 2022. If you are one of them or have the same query, then below is the answer. The answer to “Where can I watch Haikyu” is:

Crunchyroll (US) and VRV are the best legal platforms to watch all episodes of Haikyu in order. Last year, you could also watch Haikyu on Netflix and HiDive, but due to licenses issue, this year, Season 1&2 are not available for some regions on Netflix, and HiDive has only Haikyu Season 3 in English dub.   

Later in this post, we have explained all the current status of Haikyu all seasons on various legal services. So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Where can I watch Haikyu? All seasons-

Haikyuu Anime

Haikyu all seasons are available on Crunchyroll (US) and VRV. Right now, Haikyu has 4 seasons with a total of 85 episodes and 5 OVAs. You can watch all episodes in English sub only on Crunchyroll and VRV under the ad-support format. It means you need not register your mail id and credit card details to access this particular anime.

Presently only on Netflix (Japan), you can watch all episodes of Haikyu in the original Japanese audio. Netflix (India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand) have only Season 2, 3, and 4 available. Hence, if you have a Netflix account, then you can watch Haikyu by using a good VPN for Japan.

1) Is Haikyu on Funimation?

Funimation does not have the distribution rights of Haikyu in the US. Only Sentai Filmworks has the legal rights to distribute and dub this animated series. Hence, Haikyu is not available on Funimation.

2) Is Haikyu on Crunchyroll/VRV?

Crunchyroll has all 85 episodes of Haikyu in English sub under the ad-support section. But before watching, you have to review whether your region’s Crunchyroll has this anime series or not. Here we are taking the US region. Fans across the US can watch Haikyu either on Crunchyroll or VRV without any cost.

3) Is Haikyu on Netflix? | How many seasons of Haikyu are on Netflix?

Haikyu Season (1-4) is available on Netflix but only in Japan. Also, other countries like India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand have only Haikyu Season 2, 3, and 4 available as of January 2022. Therefore, fans with a Netflix account have to purchase a good VPN to watch Haikyu on different country’s Netflix.

4) Is Haikyu on Hulu?

Like Funimation, Hulu doesn’t own legal rights to play Haikyu in the US region. Hulu is one of the best platforms to watch anime, but right now, Haikyu is not available on it. Maybe in the future, you can watch it on Hulu.

5) Is Haikyu on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, Haikyu is available on Amazon Prime Video (US), but only first two seasons. You can watch Haikyu Season 1&2 on Amazon Prime Video (US) with English subtitles. For the last two seasons, you have to proceed on a different platform.

Note- The information is provided based on the current condition. In the future, maybe some standards will change.

Where can I watch Haikyu Season 4?

Is Vrv better than Crunchyroll

You can watch Haikyu Season 4 only on Crunchyroll, VRV, and Netflix (Japan). For the US, Crunchyroll and VRV are the best platforms to watch Haikyu because it is available with ads. Crunchyroll is the best platform to watch more than 1000 anime, and VRV has the rights to display Crunchyroll’s series.

Below is the article; we have explained the possible ways to watch anime on Crunchyroll from any part of the world.

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Where can I watch Haikyu dubbed?

There is no way to watch Haikyu all seasons in dub legally. Haikyu Season 3 English dub is available on HiDive, and you can watch Season 1&2 dub on Netflix (Germany & Switzerland). Also the other way to view the dub for the first 2 seasons is to purchase a physical copy. 

Maybe in the future, we can watch Haikyu all episodes on HiDive just like the previous year. But right now, no legal platform has all episodes of Haikyu in dub.

How to watch Haikyu in order with movies?

Haikyu Watch Order 2022-

  • Haikyu!! Season 1, Episode (1-25)
  • Haikyu!! OVA 1 (The Arrival of Lev!)
  • Haikyu!! Movie 1: Owari to Hajimari (2015)
  • Haikyu!! Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha (2015)
  • Haikyu!! Season 2, Episode (26-50)
  • Haikyu!! OVA 2 (Vs. “Failing Grades”)
  • Haikyu!! Season 3, Episode (51-60)
  • Haikyu!! OVA 3 (Special Feature! Betting on the Spring High Volleyball)
  • Haikyu!! Movie 3: Sainou to Sense (2017)
  • Haikyu!! Movie 4: Concept no Tatakai (2017)
  • Haikyu!! OVA 4 (Land vs. Sky)
  • Haikyu!! OVA 5 (The “Path” of the Ball)
  • Haikyu!! Season 4 Part 1, Episode (61-73)
  • Haikyu!! Season 4 Part 2, Episode (74-85)
  • Haikyu!! Season 5 (Will release)

Haikyu has 4 seasons with 85 episodes, 5 OVAs, and 5 movies. Out of them, you can skip OVA 1 and 4 as they are non-canon. Also, the movies are the outline of the different seasons, so you can also ignore them.

If we only count episodes, there are 85 episodes in total, with 24 minutes each. Therefore, the total time to complete the Haikyu series is 85*24= 2040 minutes or 34 hours approximately (excluding OVAs and movies).

Where can I watch Haikyu (all seasons) in English

Haikyu is the best comedy sports animated series that focuses on volleyball. Fans who love to play volleyball will definitely like this anime. It has a story of a boy, Shouyou Hinata, nicknamed “Little Giant” by his school volleyball team, who wants to revive his school club.

He forms a great team and enters into a tournament. But their first match turns out to be the last when they are one side defeated by a person, Tobio Kageyama, titled “King of the Court.

After this, Hinata practices day and night to surpass Kageyama. He was admitted to Karasuno High School and joined their volleyball team. He discovers that his rival Kageyama is now his teammate.

Here we conclude our article on, “Where can I watch Haikyu (all seasons) in English?” We hope you like it. Also, in the future, maybe HiDive and Netflix will purchase the license for Haikyu once again. We will be back with another post. Till then, stay tuned with us and read the articles below.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Where can I watch Haikyu Season 4 dubbed?

Ans. Haikyu Season 4 English dubbed is currently not available on any legal platform.

Q2. Where can you watch all seasons of Haikyu?

Ans. You can watch all seasons of Haikyu only on Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

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