Where can I watch Ranking of Kings? (Ousama Ranking)

Ranking of Kings is a running fantasy comedy animated series that released its first episode on October 15, 2021. Since then, it has gained worldwide popularity within five months span.

Therefore, some fans are craving to watch Ranking of Kings Season 1 all episodes and looking for an answer on where to watch it.

The answer to the question, “where can I watch Ranking of Kings,” is: Funimation and Crunchyroll are the best platforms to watch Ranking of Kings or Ousama Ranking in both English dub and sub.

Fans all over the United States can watch this anime on Crunchyroll without any cost under the ad-support section.

Later in this post, we will discuss more on where and how to watch Ranking of Kings, along with other details. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Where can I watch Ranking of Kings? (Ousama Ranking)

Ranking of Kings or Ousama Ranking is only available on Funimation and Crunchyroll (US) legally.

Apart from Crunchyroll Roll and Funimation, fans can watch this anime on Amazon Prime Video, too but only in the original Japanese version.

But only prime members can watch this anime. Otherwise, you have to purchase it for 23.99 USD digitally.

As of now, in February 2022, the anime is not obtainable on other platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Presently Ousama Ranking has 19 episodes in Season 1.

1) Is Ranking of Kings on Funimation?

Watch Ranking of Kings on Funimation

Yes, Ranking of Kings or Ousama Ranking is officially available on Funimation (US). Presently we are taking reference to the United States Funimation.

Fans from the UK, Ireland, and other regions have to check whether it is available or not for their location. 

Watch on Funimation.

2) Is Ranking of Kings on Crunchyroll?

Watch Ranking of Kings on Crunchyroll

Like Funimation, Crunchyroll and VRV have the official license to broadcast all episodes of Ranking of Kings or Ousama Ranking.

Not only in the original Japanese version, but Crunchyroll also has the anime dub in other six languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish).

However, you have to pay for Crunchyroll Premium to watch the anime in different languages.

Watch on Crunchyroll

3) Is Ranking of Kings on Netflix?

No, currently, Ranking of Kings is not obtainable on any region’s Netflix. This anime will take some time to be accessible for Netflix subscribers.

Maybe Netflix will purchase a temporary license to broadcast Ousama Ranking for the specific demandable regions in the future.

4) Is Ranking of Kings on Hulu?

Like Netflix, Hulu also doesn’t have legal rights to broadcast Ranking of Kings, neither US nor Japan fans.

Hulu subscribers have to advance for the other platforms or can choose Crunchyroll/VRV ad-support model to watch this anime without any cost.

5) Is Ranking of Kings on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best platforms to watch anime globally. Ranking of Kings or Ousama Ranking is now available on Amazon Prime Video only in English sub.

You need to be Amazon’s Prime member to watch this anime or can purchase it digitally for approximately 48 USD.

How to watch Ranking of Kings?

Fans globally who don’t have access to Crunchyroll or Funimation due to location constraints can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1– Purchase a good VPN. Here we recommend NordVPN.
  • Step 2- Register your email id in the VPN.
  • Step 3- Login to your id.
  • Step 4- Turn on the VPN and change your location to the US.
  • Step 5- Advance to incognito mode.
  • Step 6- Search, “Ranking of Kings Crunchyroll.
  • Step 7- Visit the Crunchyroll site.
  • Step 8- Select Episode 1 in English sub.
  • Step 9- Enjoy watching it with ads.

Note- You can also purchase the Crunchyroll subscription to gain access to 14 days trial.  

Ranking of Kings, presently, has 19 episodes with 23 minutes each. Therefore, the total time required to complete this anime is approximately 437 minutes or 7 hours. So, you can complete Ranking of Kings Season 1 in either one or two days.   

Where to read Ousama Ranking manga?

After completing Ranking of Kings anime, fans can read Ousama Ranking manga for the story.

However, the official English translation of Ousama Ranking manga is not completed yet. Therefore, fans have to visit private websites to read Ranking of Kings manga.

Ousama Ranking has an adventure fantasy story of a prince named Bojji, who can neither hear nor speak. People of the kingdom call him “The Useless Prince” because they have no hope for him.

Despite many criticisms of his shortcomings, he practices day and night to become the greatest king. One day, he meets a shadow creature named Kage, a survivor of an assassin clan.

Kage and Bojji become friends where he regularly practices to conquer his shortcomings, and Kage, who understands every action of Bojji, supports him.

Here we conclude our post on, “Where can I watch Ranking of Kings,” along with other details. We hope you like this post.

We will be back with another article. Till then stay tuned with us. 

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