List of 15+ Hottest Anime Characters that start with W (2023)

Every anime series features an enormous supporting cast. Their Characterization, which permeates the entire story, contributes to the progression of the series. Anime enthusiasts have recently been wondering which famous anime characters start with the letter W. So, here is a List of the 15+ Hottest Anime Characters that start with W (2022). This list includes both male and female anime characters. Now, let us begin this post now without any further ado.

1) William Jones (Victorian Romance Emma)


William Jones is a young man of Caucasian descent with light blonde hair and light green eyes. He is of ordinary height and frame and shares his father’s prominent brows.

Kelly’s strict temperament used to make William a shy and awkward child, but he was always courteous. Even as a teenager, he maintained his shyness while displaying warmth and an openness uncommon for a member of the aristocracy.

2) Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing)


Walter is a tall, lean man who stands at about 6’3″. He normally sports a purple vest, white dress shirt, and black dress pants. He frequently wears gloves in a variety of colors and wears his hair long in a tight ponytail.

Walter has crimson eyes, and his monocle is perched on the bridge of his nose. He came out as aggressive, irritable, rude, haughty, and almost cruel in his love of combat, as evidenced by his insults and mockery of The Major and his gleeful slicing up of the Millennium warriors.

3) Wamuu (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Wamuu presents as a huge, enormously tall, powerfully constructed person. His veins can be seen protruding from his extremities in many of his most intricate drawings. His face is especially square and sculpted, with prominent cheekbones.

The two qualities that stand out most about Wamuu are his love of combat and sense of honor, as evidenced by the fact that he restrains himself from killing a helpless Joseph Joestar just in case he can erase a previous humiliation suffered by Joseph by defeating him once he develops into a skilled and formidable Ripple warrior.

4) Wanyuudou (Hell Girl)


Despite having the appearance of an ordinary elderly man, Wanyuudou is older than 400 years. Wanyuudou is so bald that it appears as though his head has been fully shorn. His eyebrows indicate that his hair is dark.

Wanyuudou’s brows are thicker than a normal person’s. His eyes appear to be constantly closed since they are open so narrowly. When he turns into a wheel, he does open his eyes wide, revealing that they are black in color.

5) Washio (Buso Renkin)


Washio had the appearance of a typical hawk. Washio had brown eyes, thick eyebrows with spikes, and blonde hair with a fringe that covered his right eye when he was a human. He’s dressed in a khaki parka, dark green pants, and black knee-high boots.

A human head belonging to Washio may be seen in the hawk’s mouth. Washio felt incredibly grateful to his creator for giving him a second opportunity in life. Even in his dying moments before passing away, his thoughts were focused on protecting his master, for whom he was willing to lay down his life.

6) Washu Habuki (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)


One of the main characters in the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries is Washu Hakubi, the greatest scientific genius in the universe. Like the other characters, she has varying personalities depending on the continuity, even though she occasionally exhibits a number of intrinsic abilities that she rarely employs in favor of using logic or technology to solve problems.

In addition, Washu has proven to be more cunning and difficult to trick than Tenchi or the other girls, making it more difficult for her to fall victim to an enemy trap.

7) Wataru (Pokemon)


Wataru is a tall, lean man with black eyes and brilliant scarlet-red spiky hair. He has blue eyes and is dressed in a blue suit with orange trim on the sleeves and chest. In addition, he is dressed in a brown cloak with a red interior, brown boots with orange heels, and a dark belt around his waist.

Lance is an extremely respectable and noble individual. He takes his training seriously and won’t hold back when it comes to facing off against opponents.

8) Weda (Hare+Guu)


On our list of 15+ Hottest Anime Characters that start with W(2022), we have Weda, who is unreliable, careless, and sluggish. She tends to binge drink and avoids doing most “housewifely” chores.

In spite of her immaturity and flakiness, she is a very loving mother who even moms Guu and Marie. Weda, despite her laziness, is a great hunter.

9) Weiss Schnee (RWBY)


Weiss Schnee is a young woman with pale skin, pale blue eyes, and long white hair that is frequently tied back on the right side in an off-center braid or ponytail and secured with a silver icicle-shaped tiara.

Weiss was injured fighting an Arma Gigas in the “White” Trailer, leaving her with a scar that runs vertically from her left eye and face down to her chin.

10) Wen Yong Fa (Battle B-Daman)


The older Yong Fa’s brother is Wen. Wen, 12, comes off as brazen, confident, and haughty. Wen, a skilled practitioner of a martial art akin to kung-fu, is frequently direct and obstinate, physically aggressive and loud, but he’s also kindhearted and devoted to the people who matter to him.

He frequently pressures Li into ethically dubious actions despite the latter’s misgivings because of his tendency to be both emotionally reliant on Li and a bit manipulative as well.

11) Weevil Underwood (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


On our list of Hottest Anime Characters that start with W (2022), we have Weevil Underwood. In the manga and Japanese versions, Weevil Underwood—known as Inspector Haga, evolves into a rival and harbors resentment for Yugi Muto. He exhibits a love of insects, and as a result, the monsters in his Deck are of the Insect-Type.

12) Wendy Maheru (Fairy Tail)


On our list of Hottest Anime Characters that start with W( 2022), we have Wendy, who is a small woman with a light complexion. She is described as having brown eyes and long, dark blue hair that falls to her waist.

Two bangs frame her face and extend all the way to her chest. Wendy is a modest and bashful young lady. Carla, her Exceed friend, always goes with her because they get along so well. She wants to strive extremely hard to make friends.

13) Wentzel Ahbe (Black Lagoon)


In the final months of World War II in Europe, Wentzel Ahbe’s final directive was to dispatch the U-1324 and its veteran crew, together with two passengers, from the Kriegsmarine naval station at Kiel to purportedly transport Colonel Matsuda back to Batavia.

After she and Rock find “The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda,” they are interested in his Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords because of its market worth. Along with his previous honors, Ahbe is also shown to have received the First Class Iron Cross.

14) White Blaze (Ronin Warriors)


Ryo Sanada owns a huge white tiger named White Blaze as a pet or buddy. Ryo asserts that he is a Himalayan native. Yulie and Mia Koji frequently travel together with White Blaze. He frequently tries to aid the Ronin Warriors in battle, but he almost always loses handily.

Despite this, he doesn’t hold back when he feels he needs to intervene in a conflict. He sustains a fatal injury while defending Ryo from Lord Saberstryke.

15) Whitney (Pokemon)


Whitney is a slim and active young woman. She has light pink eyes that match her hair color and demeanor, fair skin, and pink hair that is typically pulled back in two ponytails with the help of two little yellow barrettes.

Whitney’s personality might best be summed up in one word: chaotic. She is simultaneously brash, arrogant, vivacious, happy, and slightly ditzy.

16) Wiley Nelson (Jormungand)


Wiley has dark skin, close-cropped hair, three hoops in his left ear, two studs in his right, and five earrings total. He was grazed by a bullet during a mission in the Gulf War on his right side, leaving him with two similar streaks in his hair above his ears.

As the squad’s demolitions specialist, Wiley really enjoys his job and was motivated to do better by Koko Hekmatyar after joining the team.

17) Wilhelm Molders (Victorian Romance Emma)


Wilhelm has a mustache and dirty blonde hair. He used to seem threatening, said Dorothea, when he was a young man. Dorothea finds it amusing that Wilhelm enjoys making fun of his wife. He enjoys bringing out her wild side and making her happy.

While they were in bed together, he sang her favorite song to her in German. From his interactions with his wife and children, Wilhelm seems to be a kind and respectable man.

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