Top 5 Best soccer anime on Netflix & Hulu 2023

If there’s one sport that unites almost all of the world, that’s soccer. More popularly referred to as football, several gritty anime series have taken the legacy of this sport ahead.

Several popular anime sports series have made their mark in the world. There have been series based on Basketball, Volleyball, and even cycling. So the sports genre is an ever-increasing juxtapositional idea.

Therefore, in this post, we will talk about the top soccer anime on Netflix and Hulu. So if you are a soccer fan and were looking for a comprehensive list, well, here it is.

5) One Piece: Dream Soccer King-

One Piece: Dream Soccer King

MAL Rating- 7.01

Studio- Toei Animation

Duration- 1hr 5 mins

Availability- Hulu, Netflix (Japan, USA)

The combination of the pirate world against the worst villains. IF Luffy’s crew defeats this notorious group, they get the ultimate control over the seas.

The matches are refereed by Helmeppo and are really a fun watch since it combines the best of two worlds. For all the soccer fanatics, give this a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

The use of powers, abilities and the gritty zealousness of the characters contribute to an immensely immersive football match that will keep you glued to your seats and rooting for Luffy’s band until the very end.

4) Inazuma Eleven the Movie-

Inazuma Eleven the Movie

MAL Rating- 7.36

Studio- OLM

Duration- 1hr 30 mins

Netflix Availability- Germany, USA

What happens when you set out to change the world with soccer? Well, most obviously, there are going to be obstacles.

One such obstacle that Captain Mamoru Endou now faces is against Team Ogre. The strongest and most potent mechanical team ever seen.

An unknown organization sends a highly trained football team to prevent any changes that Inazuma eleven might make in the future.

The only way out is to play the match. Will Inazuma eleven be able to save the future of football or go down as one of the biggest failures in history? Only time will tell.

3) Captain Tsubasa (1983)-

Captain Tsubasa (1983)

MAL Rating- 7.04

Studio- David Production

Number of episodes- 52

Availability– Hulu

Captain Tsubasa has been one of the most popular soccer anime series out there. For some fans, the entire football anime genre is defined by Captain Tsubasa.

It follows the journey of 11-year-old football prodigy Tsubasa, who loves the game for the sake of it.

There are no barriers attached to this game, and this is one wholesome series where we trace the journey of Trubasa as he rises to the top.

You thought Haikyuu was the only good sports anime? Wait until you check this out. It is not an underdog story but a tale of a gifted boy who rose to the sporting world’s top.

2) Captain Tsubasa (2018)-

Captain Tsubasa (2018)

MAL Rating- 7.04

Studio- David Production

Number of episodes- 52

Availability– Hulu, Netflix (Japan)

This remastered version of Captain Tsubasa is equally good, if not better, as man fans consider. It is rare to see a character so passionately follow a sport that is not even the primary game in the country.

However, Tsubasa’s dreams are big as he wishes to represent his country in the highest level of football. But of that, he must first outshine all of the other’s radiance.

This version has gained a huge fan following over the years since it makes Tsubasa is a true underdog because, despite his obvious talent, he lacks the resources to go all the way.

Will he be able to make his dream come true? Watch this series to find out.

1) Inazuma Eleven-

Inazuma Eleven

MAL Rating- 7.63

Studio- OLM

Number of Episodes- 12

Netflix Availability- Germany

Inazuma Eleven is the best soccer anime on Netflix. A great football team that has fallen into deprivation. That’s the story of Inazuma eleven.

Raimon Middle School soccer club is nowhere near its former glory. The condition’s almost shambolic, and almost nobody wants to play the sport anymore.

Mamoru Endou takes it upon himself to reiterate the best in the squad. For this, he goes searching to find the prodigies of football- brilliant players who have given up on the game.

However, will sheer determination, grit, and resilience be enough to take them to Japan’s top glory? Well, watch this series to find out. 

Here we conclude our article on “Top 5 Best soccer anime on Netflix & Hulu.” We hope you like the list. We will be back with another post. Till then, stay tuned with us and read the article below.

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