Is Tokyo Revengers Finished? Current Anime & Manga Status (2023)

If you’re here you’re probably wondering whether the popular series, Tokyo Revengers is finished. The answer is no. Tokyo Revengers is a refreshing take on a typical shounen theme. The plot revolves around Hanagaki Takemichi, a high school student determined to become a popular delinquent along with his friends. However, his life changes when he ends up in a serious fight back to back with brutal delinquents, and many lives are lost.

In the current timeline, the MC is triggered when he hears the news about his ex-girlfriend, who ends up losing her life in a horrible accident. What triggers him is that the one responsible for the accident belongs to Tokyo’s no.1 gang- Bonten, led by none other than Sano Majiro, aka Mikey.

The manga also has a supernatural element that allows the MC to Time Leap in both the future and past with a condition. Therefore, Takemichi is determined to change the past and save the people that matter to him. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Note for anime-only watchers: This article contains some manga spoilers from here onwards.

Is Tokyo Revengers finished?


The official publisher of the series is Kodansha. Therefore, the series has been published in its Weekly Shounen Magazine since March 1st, 2017. However, the manga is still ongoing, with a total of 265 chapters covered in 28 volumes as of now. The series has had a stable release of chapters as per its weekly schedule without any long-term hiatus.

The series was then adapted into an anime and aired in the second half of the year 2021. The anime consists of 24 episodes covered in one season. The anime has only covered a few initial arcs of the manga until the Valhalla arc.

Both the manga and the anime of the series are ongoing. Therefore, Tokyo revengers is not finished yet.

Is Tokyo Revengers anime Ongoing?

Yes, the anime is ongoing. The first three arcs of the manga- Toman Arc, Moebius Arc, and Valhalla Arc, are covered in the first season of the anime. Therefore, anime-only watchers have a lot more to look forward to.

Additionally, the second season of the anime is scheduled to release in Winter 2023. Considering the pace of the first season, the second season won’t be the last. Furthermore, the series also has a live-action movie that premiered on July 9th, 2021, with an amazing cast.

Is Tokyo Revengers manga Ongoing?

Tokyo Revengers manga is ongoing as well, with the latest chapter being 265. Although, the manga has entered its final arc, where Takemichi is determined to fight Mikey and save him from himself. However, the final fight is quite a few chapters away.

The manga releases a new chapter every Wednesday and if there’s is a break next week, it is usually announced at the end of the chapter itself.

The latest chapters have been covering Mikey’s past and his life from his POV. We are reading how the things he went through shaped him into who he is now. The mystery of time leaping and who the other time leaper/leapers are remains. There are countless fan theories speculating about everything that remains unanswered in the manga.

One such fan theory even suspects that Mikey himself is the second-time leaper and not Kisaki. Even more so, since Kisaki is knowledgeable about the abilities of Time Leaping. It makes more sense when you consider that he has always been by Mikey’s side and, therefore, knows enough about time leaping.

When will Tokyo Revengers be finished?


The series has been going on since 2017 with a total of 7 arcs now, including the current arc:

  1. Toman Arc
  2. Moebius Arc
  3. Valhalla Arc
  4. Black Dragon Arc
  5. Tenjiku Arc
  6. Bonten Arc
  7. Final Arc- Three Deities Arc + Kanto Manji Arc

The Final arc of the manga has two sub-arcs. So, currently, the Kanto Manji Arc is going on. However, the Final Arc has been going on since May 2021, which means that the manga might end this year. If Wakui decides to announce a hiatus, the manga might stretch till the first half of the next year, although it’s unlikely.

As for the anime, since there’s only one season so far, we have more seasons to come. The first season covered three arcs in 24 episodes. So if the next season is as long as 24 episodes, it will at least cover a minimum of two arcs and so on.

Therefore, if the studio decides to maintain 24 episodes per season, we can have a minimum of 4 seasons, considering that the final arc is quite long.

Where to Watch Tokyo Revengers Anime?


Tokyo Revengers anime is officially available on Netflix and Crunchyroll. This also means that these two platforms will likely have the next season/seasons of the anime when it’s out. The anime is available on Disney+ and HBO Max as well but only in some regions. As for the live-action, it is not available on either Netflix or Crunchyroll.

The series is unfortunately not available on other official platforms such as Hulu, Funimation, and Amazon Prime as they do not hold the license to stream it.

Additionally, the anime is available on many popular private sites. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Manga?

Similar to the anime, Tokyo Revengers manga is not available on the giant official platforms such as Viz Media and Mangaplus Shueisha. The series is only available to read on Kodansha’s site as it is the official English publisher.

However, other official platforms such as inkr, Mangamo, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology offer the manga the read on their apps and sites in the finest quality. But since they are paid, you will need to purchase their subscription.

Furthermore, you can always look for private sites that offer manga to read free of cost. They also regularly update the chapters and conduct a countdown for the next release.

Another option is to purchase the manga itself from Kodansha or any other official site that offers it. That way, you can experience the manga in its full glory and will always have it with you.

So now that we have answered if Tokyo Revengers is finished as well as its anime and manga’s current status, we shall conclude the article. We will cover more articles on the series when new or further information on the series is out. Meanwhile, feel free to browse through and check out some more articles from us below.

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