Oda’s Eye Surgery Has Been Successful And One Piece Manga Will Be Back Next Week

As One Piece fans know, the manga has been on a hiatus for almost a month for the eye surgery of the author, Eiichiro Oda. The author had been suffering from astigmatism, and took this prolonged break for his surgery and healing. Now, fans will be delighted to know that the surgery has been successful, and the mangaka is now healing nicely.

This means One Piece is coming back on the promised date. One Piece manga will be returning next week, on Sunday, July 16, 2023, with Chapter 1087. The manga is now in its Final Saga, and the few chapters before this hiatus were nothing short of explosive. This was all the more reason for fans to be waiting eagerly for its return.

In recent chapters, the manga has explored the inner workings of the World Government, giving us glimpses into the prominent members of the gigantic organization, like the Five Elders, the Commander of the Holy Knights, and most importantly, the mysterious figure Imu. Along with these, the manga also revealed a small portion of the mysterious history of the World Government.

It’s not only One Piece manga that is touching new heights recently, the anime is also faring extremely well. The anime has entered the last part of the Wano Arc, which means the episode featuring Luffy’s Gear 5 is getting nearer. As of now, that episode, i.e., Episode 1072 is set to be released in the second week of August.

As for the One Piece manga, it is expected to resume its weekly schedule once it comes back next week.

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