Dean Damonse Will Be Playing As Monkey D. Dragon In One Piece Live Action Epic!

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action series is finally coming out this year. The makers have recently released the trailer and announced the release date of the much-awaited series. There has also been some additional information regarding it, like some new cast members who will be playing significant roles in the series.

One of these characters is Monkey D. Dragon who will be played by South African actor Dean Damonse. The actor has been previously seen in projects like Resident Evil, Devils Peaks, Locked Up Abroad, Blood & Water and Arendsvlei. He was also the second unit lighting assistant in the 2022 series, Fraksie. 

Monkey D. Dragon, despite appearing only a handful of times in the series, is a significant character. He’s not only the father of the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, but also the commander of the Revolutionary Army, and dubbed as the “most wanted man in the world”. 

According to the reports and the trailer, One Piece Live Action series will be adapting the Romance Dawn Saga, focusing on Luffy getting his crew and the Straw Hat Pirates embarking upon their journey in the Grand Line. In the manga, Dragon makes only one appearance in the saga, coming to save Luffy from Buggy in the Loguetown Arc

It’s still unknown whether the live action series will be following this. There may be a change in the storyline where Dragon has a more prominent role in that saga. We’ll only know once the series is released. Speaking of which, One Piece Live Action series will be released on August 31, 2023.