“The Classroom Of A Black Cat And A Witch” mangaka Kaneda And “Witch Hat Atelier” mangaka Shirahama Recommend Each Other’s Works

Camaraderie between two people in the same profession is always a wonderful thing to witness. Recently, two successful manga authors, Yosuke Kaneda and Kamome Shirahama, sat together for an interview and expressed immense respect for each other’s works. They even wholeheartedly recommended the works of one another.

The two authors are both creators of amazing magical fantasy worlds in their respective works. Kaneda’s written and illustrated manga, “The Classroom of a Black Cat and a Witch” debuted in 2022 in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app and website. 

The author is also known for his earlier work, “Boarding School Juliet”, a romance manga which was quite successful and even went on to get an anime adaptation.

“Witch Hat Atelier” is a beloved magical fantasy manga series revolving around a magicless girl named Coco who wants to become a witch. Shirahama has been widely praised for this work of hers which went on to win Korean Ridibooks Comic Award 2019 Next Manga Award.

The manga is scheduled for an anime adaptation as announced in April 2022. However, no further details have been released on the project.

In an interview by Magapoke, which the two mangaka sat together for, Kaneda expressed how he’s a regular reader of “Witch Hat Atelier” for a long time. They gushed about the art in each other’s works, especially the fashion that has a magic fantasy feel as well as a contemporary look.

When asked about their inspiration in the magic fantasy genre, Kaneda named “Fairy Tail” and “Magical Circle Guru Guru”. Shirahama also expressed her love for Magical Circle Guru Guru, but she also explained how she wanted to include everyone in her created magical world, unlike the classic manga.