Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in Yuji’s, Megumi’s and Original Body

Ryomen Sukuna is the primary antagonist of the shounen manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, and also one of its most popular characters. The character is introduced in the story in the very first chapter. As of yet, we’ve seen three different physical versions of Sukuna. Here, we’ll be discussing Sukuna’s physical characteristics in Yuji’s, Megumi’s and his original body.

The first look Sukuna wears is that of the protagonist, Yuji Itadori. In the very chapter of the manga, Yuji swallows one of Sukuna’s fingers, a dangerous cursed object, in a desperate attempt to save Megumi Fushiguro and himself. After swallowing the finger, Sukuna briefly takes control of Yuji’s body, essentially looking like Yuji with a few deviations.

The next body Sukuna possesses is of Megumi’s, someone he’s been eying for a long time. Megumi is a member of the Zenin family and the possessor of their rare, inherited Ten Shadows Technique. Recognizing Megumi’s vast potential, Sukuna makes shrewd plans and ultimately takes over Megumi’s body.

Though throughout the series, Sukuna appears as either Yuji or Megumi, there have been a few glimpses of his own original body in flashbacks. That was his peak form, and now that Sukuna has consumed 19 of his fingers, he might be able to return back to that form. However, he still wears the face of Megumi.

Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in Yuji Itadori’s Body

Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in Yuji Itadori’s Body

In Yuji’s body, Sukuna has the pink hair with black undercut like the boy, and retains his strong, muscular form. But his hair changes from Yuji’s usual messy style to a more suave, swept-back style. There are also many dark markings that appear all over his face and body.

The markings on his face include two symmetrical lines along the shape of his face, from his cheeks to his jaws on both sides. There is also a small gash-like line over the bridge of his nose and other symmetrical markings on his forehead, surrounding a diamond-shaped mark.

Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in Megumi Fushiguro’s Body

Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in Megumi Fushiguro’s Body

As for Sukuna’s physical characteristics in Megumi’s body, he has the teenager’s black hair and green eyes (Megumi’s eyes are blue in the anime). But again, like Yuji, his hair is swept up from Megumi’s usual bizarre hairstyle. His eyes also appear more cunning as Sukuna.

One difference between Megumi and Yuji is their body types. While Yuji is more toned and muscular which Sukuna retains once taking over his body, Megumi is more lithe in appearance. But the markings on Sukuna’s body remains the same even after possessing the Zenin’s body.

Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in His Original Body

Sukuna’s Physical Characteristics in His Original Body

Contrary to popular belief, Sukuna’s physical characteristics in his original body can hardly be considered handsome. He looked more demonic than human, having four arms and four eyes. Sukuna, in his real form, was a much larger man with the same salmon pink hair like Yuji, but longer and swept back. He was also more muscular.

There was a protrusion on the right side of his face, carrying two eyes. There were markings all over his body and face, which remained even after he took over the bodies of two different vessels. 

Until now in the story, there have been three different bodies of Sukuna. But there can easily be more. One opportunity for it is to show the real face of Sukuna, when he was just a jujutsu sorcerer and before he became the King of Curses.

There is a chance that the true face of Sukuna will be resembling Yuji, based on their similar hair color and the twist in storytelling it provides. Let’s see what new physical characteristics we see in Sukuna next.

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