Geto vs. Kenjaku: Was Geto Powerful Enough To Defeat Kenjaku?

While Kenjaku is one of the primary antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen, Suguru Geto plays that role in the prequel manga, Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Currently Kenjaku is also inhabiting the body of a deceased Geto, playing the role of the expelled jujutsu sorcerer for the world. This leads us to wonder: if there was a Geto vs. Kenjaku fight, who’d win?

The scenario we’re imagining is Geto in any random time, without having been to a battle first, against Kenjaku at that time, without having possessed Geto’s body yet. Kenjaku only got Geto’s body after the man was defeated by Yuta and then killed by Gojo. So, it’d be interesting to see who’d win if those incidents didn’t occur.

So, here’s our take on Geto vs. Kenjaku:

Suguru Geto: Power and Abilities

Suguru Geto

Geto was one of the four Special Grade sorcerers and a former friend and classmate of Satoru Gojo. After seeing his fellow sorcerers die to protect non-sorcerers, he vowed to create a world of only jujutsu sorcerers, ridding the world of normal people. He was later killed by Yuta Okkotsu after he attacked Tokyo Jujutsu High to get the Special Grade cursed spirit, Rika.

  • Being one of the only four Special Grade sorcerers, Geto was incredibly powerful and an immense amount of cursed energy. 
  • His cursed technique, Cursed Spirit Manipulation, is one of the most useful and versatile techniques shown in the series. Through his technique, Geto could consume and control wandering cursed spirits.
  • By combining all of the cursed spirits under his control, Geto could  launch his most powerful and ultimate technique: Uzumaki.

Kenjaku: Power and Abilities


Kenjaku, on the other hand, is an ancient jujutsu sorcerer who has a special innate cursed technique in which he can transplant his brain to another body to live forever. Over the years he’s possessed countless bodies, but the only known are an unnamed sorcerer 400 years ago, Noritoshi Kamo, Kaori Itadori and Suguru Geto.

  • Though Kenjaku’s cursed technique doesn’t seem like an offensive type, the true power of this technique lies in the fact that by transplanting his brain in a body, Kenjaku gets access to that person’s memories and cursed technique.
  • Not only that, he also gets to keep his own cursed technique along with a new technique.
  • During his fight against Tengen and Yuki Tsukumo, Kenjaku uses a domain expansion technique called Womb Profusion. It’s one of the only two domain expansions in the series without a barrier; the other being Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine.

Geto vs. Kenjaku: Who Would Win?

Geto vs. Kenjaku

If Geto vs. Kenjaku were to happen, the fight and result would entirely depend on the body Kenjaku was possessing at the moment. Kenjaku no longer has his own body, assuming it perished a long time ago. So, the person possessed by Kenjaku during the Geto vs. Kenjaku fight would be the key factor.

Even if we assume the jujutsu sorcerer Kenjaku possessed was an extremely powerful one, even then the fight would be a close one since Geto was one of the four strongest jujutsu sorcerers alive at that time. His chance of winning is frankly greater than whoever the sorcerer Kenjaku possessed.

However, we should also take into account how shrewd Kenjaku really is, and the true extent of how he can manipulate a cursed technique. But then again, Kenjaku certainly has some limitations since he hasn’t professed any desire of possessing Gojo’s body despite the man having the strongest cursed technique. That is because he knows he can’t win against Gojo.

Though Geto was decisively weaker than Gojo, he was still a Special Grade sorcerer. And Kenjaku only managed to defeat Yuki, another Special Grade sorcerer, with Geto’s body. So, realistically, Geto would win this Geto vs. Kenjaku battle.