How Sukuna Can Take Advantage of Megumi’s CT Against Gojo’s Infinity?

Gojo and Sukuna are two strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and thus their battle brings about numerous possibilities. Some of these are already realized in the manga, while some are still left in the imagination. One of these possibilities is how Sukuna can take advantage of Megumi’s cursed technique against Gojo’s Infinity.

Thanks to the innate cursed technique inherited from the Gojo family, Satoru Gojo possesses Infinity which makes him untouchable. Nothing, no matter how strong the opponent or how deadly the attack is, can touch Gojo unless he wishes for it. There are only a few cases in which it becomes possible to land an attack on Gojo.

Sukuna and Gojo

However, the task can be possible with a bit of shrewdness which Sukuna has plenty of. He not only has his deadly slashing technique, but he’s also currently the holder of the Ten Shadows Technique, thanks to his possession of Megumi’s body. Sukuna can use Megumi’s technique to finally bypass Gojo’s Infinity.

In that scenario, Sukuna could take advantage of Gojo’s domain expansion, Unlimited Void, within which Infinity is neutralized in favor of a sure-hit condition. Within Gojo’s domain, Sukuna could summon one of Megumi’s shikigami as a decoy. 

And while Gojo’s attention is on the shikigami, he could summon Mahoraga outside of the domain and use the powerful shikigami’s strength to shatter Unlimited Void. The move is a little complex, but Sukuna is more than capable of doing so, judging by the climax of his fight against Yorozu.

In the Gojo vs. Sukuna fight, Sukuna is yet to use Megumi’s technique, but that can soon change, depending on the situation.

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