How Kenjaku Will Become A Major Antagonist After Gojo vs Sukuna Fight?

The ultimate battle in Jujutsu Kaisen, the Gojo vs Sukuna fight, has been going on for a number of chapters now. With surprising moves from both parties, it’s very difficult to predict who will win the battle. But if there is one thing that is easy to predict is that Kenjaku will become a major antagonist after Gojo vs Sukuna fight.

Kenjaku is currently an ally of Sukuna, thanks to an unknown Binding Vow made by the King of Curses. But that doesn’t mean Kenjaku feels any allegiance towards the man. Given his shrewd and opportunistic nature, he might just have been waiting for a chance to get his way and make the most powerful cursed spirit submit to his agenda.


A clear suspicious behavior of Kenjaku is his absence during the Gojo vs Sukuna fight. He’s seen adding new rules to the Culling Game before the fight starts, but during it, there is no known whereabouts of him. This leads to the suspicion whether he’s waiting for the fight to be over, and have one contender dead and the other significantly weakened.

If Gojo or Sukuna dies, then the opposite person will no doubt be heavily injured and weakened. Kenjaku could take this opportunity to take over their body then. Or he could just possess the deceased body. Gojo and Sukuna are both the best options for that in the world.

And even if Kenjaku possesses a new body now, he’d still be able to keep Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation, in addition to gaining new powers like Gojo’s Infinity and Six Eyes, and Sukuna’s slashing techniques as well as Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique.

After the Gojo vs Sukuna fight is over, Kenjaku will show his true colors and prove to be a major antagonist of the series.

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