List of 20 Famous Japanese Anime Characters that start with T (2023)

Every anime series has a sizable auxiliary cast. Their Characterization, which is present throughout the story, contributes to the series’ development. Over the past few days, anime fans have become increasingly interested in the question, “Which renowned anime characters start with the letter T?” We have created a list of 20 Famous Japanese Anime Characters that start with T (2022). On this list, there are both male and female anime characters. So let us get started with the current article without any further ado.

1) Tapion (Dragon Ball Z)


Tapion is about six feet tall with a fair complexion, a mohawk of brilliant red hair, and what appears to be a golden headband covering his bald skull. Tapion is a caring individual who wants to keep his people safe from any harm that may approach. He deliberately isolates himself from the outside world while on Earth after being set free because his only goal is to destroy Hirudegarn. However, after making friends with Trunks, he reverts to his earlier, cheerier self.

2) Toru Oikawa (Haikyuu)


Toru Oikawa has dark brown eyes that match his hair, which is combed outward. He is admired by many, so much that a number of girls follow him around. Oikawa often grins or smiles, yet Iwaizumi observes that these expressions are infrequently sincere. He frequently flashes wide smiles or a wink along with victory signs or exaggerated waving movements. Oikawa is an excellent, all-around player who takes volleyball very seriously despite his flirty demeanor and childishness.

3) Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)


Toshiro tends to catch notice in the Human World due to his tiny stature, turquoise eyes, and short, spiky white hair. In contrast to Rangiku Matsumoto, his exuberant lieutenant, he tends to be mature and serious. Despite having extremely different personalities, he and Rangiku seem to get along well because she is eager to obey Hitsugaya’s directives in the field for crucial duties. He gets easily irritated by people being silly or attracting unwanted attention, as he did when he led a group of Shinigami.

4) Tadase Hotori (Shugo Chara)


Tadase has thin and short blonde hair. He has two clusters of hair on either side of his face and one strand of hair that appears to stick out slightly. His eyes are large and nearly mahogany in hue. Tadase is continually drawn to by girls because of his adorable physique and looks. Despite his outward confidence, Tadase is a shy, intelligent person. As Kiseki notes, Tadase is incredibly kind, and before their first Character Transform into Platinum Royale, Kiseki calls kindness one of his greatest strengths.

5) Takashi Ayanokoji (Pita-Ten)


Takashi has green eyes and blond hair that has bangs that are generally swept to the left. He has a tiny mole on his chin somewhere. He has a blazer that is left unbuttoned and wears his school uniform more casually. Since they were six years old, Kotarou and Koboshi have considered him to be their best friend. He is a very brilliant, athletic, and gorgeous “women man”. He is well-liked by the girls because of his many great qualities.

6) Taeko Hirukawa (Paranoia Agent)


Taeko Hirukawa recalls going to an arcade with her parents. She also recalls them debating whether to purchase a new home so that Taeko would have a bigger space for schoolwork. Taeko insisted that being in the home where she was born made her happy. She seemed to have a different opinion when she got older, though. She intended to set up a birthday surprise on her father’s computer for his birthday when they moved into their new home but instead discovered an odd file.

7) Taelia (Code Lyoko)


Taelia, who is in the eighth grade, arrives in Kadic in the middle of the semester. She resembles Aelita remarkably well. Because of this, when she first came to the school, Jeremie mistakenly thought she was Aelita. Taelia reported Jeremie to the authorities for endangering national security after he took her to the Factory and explained everything about Lyoko. Ulrich and Odd freed Aelita, who was imprisoned inside a Guardian, from her predicament.

8) Takashi Kawamura (Prince of Tennis)

Takashi Kawamura


Takashi Kawamura has a brown-colored Elvis Presley hairstyle. He has sideburns that are fairly lengthy. He also has quite large ears. Instead of having “flat” eyes, he has dark, round eyes. Off the court, Kawamura is a very sweet and shy person who speaks softly, yet when it comes to making decisions, he is still opinionated and obstinate. He has a great sense of compassion and worries a lot.

9) Takuto Kira (Full Moon wo Sagashite)


Takuto has blue eyes and short, black hair that is pulled back in a ponytail. Takuto is a tsundere character. He introduces himself professionally to strangers yet speaks rough and casually to individuals he knows. Takuto has a very short fuse and gets upset very easily, but he is also a very passionate, devoted boy who keeps his promise. He is the most logical thinker of the three major characters, despite having a tendency to be rather stubborn and irresponsible.

10) Takeya Ikuhara (DearS)


The main character of DearS is brash 17-year-old high school student Tayeka Ikuhara. He has a good heart hidden beneath his continual façade of indifference. Takeya has a tendency to dive right in and spend more time freaking out than actually addressing problems. Due to stress from his poor grade levels and keeping tabs on Ren, he also appears to lose his anger more frequently than he should and, as a result, has few close friends.

11) Takashi (Akira)


Takashi has short hair and pale turquoise wrinkled skin. He has an aging body despite having a child’s body. Takashi is a very quiet, modest, and soft-spoken individual. Despite his extreme reluctance to fight and desire to avoid conflict at all costs, he has a strong sense of compassion and frequently feels compelled to step in to protect those who are in danger. In order to prevent Kaneda from getting absorbed toward the end of the movie, he dove into a psychic explosion created by Akira.

12) Tala Valkov (Beyblade)


Tala is a young man with a slim frame and an average height. He is shown to have crystal blue eyes and flaming red hair with two strands hanging loose from a widow’s peak. Given that he is from Russia, his extremely pale skin color helps people associate him with a cold climate. Tala had been genetically modified to ensure winning as part of her training since she was a young child to be a Beyblader. He generally has a very caustic and flamboyant demeanor and is prone to getting angry.

13) Tamahome (Fushigi Yugi)


Tamahome is a charming young man with a fit physique. Because of his years as a wandering con artist and his upbringing in the remote hamlet of Hakuko, he had tanned skin. He has black hair and eyes in the manga, as opposed to the anime’s dark teal hair and grey eyes. After losing his family, he fights Suboshi and gets his hair cut short.

14) Tamaki Kawazoe (Bamboo Blade)


Tamaki has light purple eyes and short, dark purple hair. She is primarily exclusively seen wearing her school uniform (winter and summer). She was wearing a maroon vest and a maroon skirt in the winter and her typical brown or grey vest and maroon skirt in the summer. Tamaki, often known as “Tama-chan” is a freshman in a high school. Despite being a genius at kendo, she views it more as a task perfected at her home, which also happens to be a kendo dojo run by her father.

15) Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)


Tanjiro is a young man of ordinary height with a muscular, athletic body and fairly tanned skin. He has wide, dark red eyes with white pupils that appear lighter around the lower portion of his irises, as well as ruffled, black hair with burgundy tips that have been combed back to reveal his forehead. Additionally, he has a scar that was first noticed when his mother took him to witness his father perform the Hinokami Kagura dance. He shows a lot of tenacity and perseverance whenever he sets out to do something.

16) Tara (Pokemon)


On our list of 20 Famous Japanese Anime Characters that start with T, we have Tara. The official name of the gym in Lapizula City is the Lapizula Gym, and Tara is its gym leader. Trainers who triumph against her in combat are awarded the Prior Badge. She specializes in Pokémon of the Psychic kind.

17) Tatarimokke (Inuyasha)


Tatarimokke is a spirit that is yellow and shaped like a globe. It has two skinny arms with small hands that hold its flute, along with a long, identically colored, scaly tail. It has a tiny mouth, and its eyes are nearly always closed. The Tatarimokke appears even more ferocious when its eyes open, which are enormous with crimson irises and red veins. Tatarimokke closes its eyes and is quiet and serene. However, as soon as its eyes open, it turns hostile and vicious toward the person who initiated the transition.

18) Tatsuki Arisawa (Bleach)


Tatsuki is a teen with black hair, brown eyes, and an average height. She looks different from her best friend, Orihime Inoue. Unlike Orihime, who has a curvier body, Tatsuki is a tomboy and has an extremely slender physique. Her old hair was short, dark, and kept spiked out at the sides to match her unfeminine appearance. Tatsuki is a confident, energetic, and gregarious tomboy. She forcefully confronts anyone bothering her or her pals with strong strength.

19) Tazuna (Naruto)


On our list of 20 Famous Japanese Anime Characters that start with T, we have Tazuna, who has been characterized as a hard worker. Additionally, he drinks. Tazuna was prepared to guilt-trip the shinobi into completing the assignment despite tricking Konoha into thinking it was less risky than it truly was. Tazuna is a man with grey hair, a beard, huge glasses, and dark eyes.

20) Tenpou Gensui (Saiyuki)


Tenpou has thick glasses and semi-long black hair that appears to have been allowed to grow out. His attractive appearance blends toughness and compassion. Tenpou has a nice face, but he doesn’t seem to care much about grooming or appearance. Before meeting Kenren, Tenpou’s life was fairly unremarkable. He had been friends with Konzen Douji for a long time and frequently visited him.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the list of 20 Famous Japanese Anime Characters that start with T(2022). In no time, we shall be back with more articles of such kind. Till then, stay safe and stay connected to our website for any further updates.

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