List of 20 Greatest Anime Characters that start with U (2023)

There is a huge supporting cast in every anime series. Their Characterization, which appears throughout the narrative, aids in the progression of the series. Which well-known anime characters begin with the letter U? has piqued the interest of anime enthusiasts during the past few days. A list of 20 Greatest Anime Characters that start with U (2022). There are both male and female anime characters mentioned on this list. So without any further ado, let us get started with the current article.

1) Usopp (One Piece)


Usopp is a tall, lanky youngster with medium-length black curly hair who appears to be referencing Pinocchio with his long nose and prominent lips. Usopp’s mother gave him his fabled nose, while his father gave him the rest of his striking features. Usopp gained weight due to overeating during the Straw Hat Separation and after arriving in the Boin Archipelago.

2) Uub (Dragon Ball Z)


On our list of 20 Greatest Anime Characters that start with U, we have Uub, who is a young man with dark skin, dark eyes, and black hair. On top of that, he has a Mohawk on a shaved head. He wore the customary robes of his community as a child, which included a brown, one-shoulder shirt and white slacks fastened with a white belt. He was small and thin. His eyes glow red as he erupts in rage and increases his power.

3) Ubik (Berserk)


Ubik resembles a tiny floating figure and wears spectacles that look welded to his face. He doesn’t seem to have legs; instead, he has tendrils that hang down below him like fins. He is the tiniest member of the God Hand and is never depicted as being motionless or leaning against anything. His hands are typically clenched together, and his face is permanently grinning. When the God Hand is present, Ubik speaks much of the time and gives a lot of exposition.

4) Ugo (Jormungand)


Ugo has close-cropped brown hair and light skin. He has more medium skin, black hair, and green eyes in the anime. He is the tallest and biggest member of Koko’s Squad in terms of stature. Ugo is a quiet person who frequently serves as the group’s driver rather than a combatant, yet he can hold his own in a fight quite well. Ugo takes excellent care of his automobiles as a chauffeur and frequently shows disappointment when they sustain damage during a conflict.

5) Ukitsu (Ikki Tousen)


Ukitsu is a skilled warrior who killed Hakufu Sonsaku while he was very young. Ukitsu was typically seen sporting her Gogun High School uniform, which consists of a short skirt, a button-up dress shirt with a grey vest over it, and a huge red bow tie. She also had black, unruly hair. Like Hakufu, Ukitsu delighted in brawling simply for the thrill of it. Ukitsu was highly amiable since she promptly saved and made friends with Hakufu.

6) Ukon (Naruto)


Ukon is fair-skinned, and his straight, dark blue hair had long bangs on either side that covered each of his eyes. Normally, Ukon would hang limply inside Sakon’s body, with his head protruding from the rear of Sakon’s upper back and his hair covering his face. Ukon was characterized as having a strong sense of self-assurance but being less patient than Sakon.

7) Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)

Ulquiorra Cifer


Ulquiorra is a melancholy-looking man Arrancar of medium height who is slim but reasonably muscular. He has a black top lip, light white skin, very short, unkempt black hair, and green eyes with tiny, cat-like slit-shaped pupils. Ulquiorra is a highly aloof, brooding, and apathetic figure who is eager to destroy both his allies and his foes if they stand in his way. He is also exceedingly cold, heartless, and emotionless.

8) Ulrich Stern (Code Lyoko)


The tallest man in the bunch, Ulrich has dark eyes and scruffy-looking dark brown hair. Ulrich is a fierce combatant who is frequently regarded as the group’s top fighter. Ulrich is the introvert of the group, rarely expressing his feelings and acting evasive whenever someone asks him about himself or his family. He seems to have trouble opening up to people and hides his feelings in order to use them all the more explosively in action.

9) Umbra (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Umbra is a member of Marik Ishtar’s Rare Hunter group and goes by the name Mask of Darkness in the Japanese edition. Together with Lumis, they Dueled Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto as a Tag-Team. On the left side of his face, Umbra has a mask that is dark red and frowns. Marik Ishtar gave him and Lumis the command to duel Seto Kaiba and Yami Yugi as a tag-team.

10) Ume Matsuzaka (Crayon Shin-Chan)


Midori Ishizaka of the Rose Class has Ume Matsuzaka as her fiercest adversary. She is unmarried and 24 years old. She enjoys portraying a fashionable lifestyle in public, but she actually has hard time-saving money for accessories and lives in a very small, dingy apartment. Ume frequently tells Yoshinaga and other people, “Don’t call me Ume!” because she doesn’t like her given name. She even mocks Futaba Kindergarten and turns down a man who offers her a better job at another institution.

11) Umori (Hunter X Hunter)


Umori is dressed in a long-sleeved plain shirt under a short-sleeved pinstriped shirt, plain jeans, and plain shoes. He has a big nose, almond-shaped eyes, and sharp marks below them. Umori, who exudes confidence and arrogance, frequently reprimands Imori for acting too slowly. However, if the lives of one of his brothers are in danger, he is prepared to admit when he is mistaken and to comply with requests.

12) Undertaker (Black Butler)


Lean and covered in a jagged scar that spans his face, neck, and left pinky finger, Undertaker has long grey hair that is parted in a single braid on the right side of his head. Undertaker is a bizarre, mysterious person who spends a lot of time in coffins, laughs a lot, enjoys making people laugh, and enjoys scaring people and getting them to react to him strangely.

13) Ura Urashima (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Urashima Taro was a man of normal height, maybe twenty years old, with long black hair, and he wore a kimono typically worn by Japanese fishermen. He used a long pole with a net attached at one end to fish. Fighting with no honor, Ura Urashima will use any dishonorable strategy at his disposal to win any combat. As a master of deceitful technique, Ura is skilled at using opponents’ emotions against them in order to gain the upper hand. This was seen during his bout with Kurama.

14) Uran (Tetsuwan Atom)


Uran has black hair with spikes pointing symmetrically at either side and a comparable facial structure to her older brother. Uran typically dons vibrantly colored outfits. In some television shows, she wears short, frilly dresses and bloomers in the Minnie Mouse manner. Uran is incredibly autonomous and self-confident. She detests falling behind or having others perceive her as weak. She is sensitive. Uran and Astro are the most intimate. She is intelligent but devoted to her brother.

15) Urasue (Inuyasha)


On our list of 20 Greatest Anime Characters that start with U, we have Urasue, who was a senior citizen with greying hair, wide eyes with crimson pupils, a pointed nose, a protruding chin, a lot of wrinkles, long, bony hands, sharp nails, and a harsh, raspy voice. Because of her inherent wickedness and avarice, Urasue will go to any lengths to carry out her objectives without giving a thought to how her actions may affect other people.

16) Uryu Ishida (Bleach)


Uryu Ishida is a thin, bespectacled young man of average height. He has pale skin and blue eyes, and his black hair is straight and chin-length, framing both sides of his face. When there are other people present, Uryu works harder to maintain his usual demeanor of calm solitude. Uryu is a talented seamstress and a part of the Karakura High School handicrafts club.

17) Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara)


Utau Hoshina has purple eyes and incredibly long blonde hair that typically falls to her mid-thighs. Amu and the other female guardians are a little shorter than Utau. Others also refer to her as “beautiful.” Nightmare Lorelei, her signature attack, unleashes a gigantic wave of bats upon her foes. She has access to the Nightmare Trident as well.

18) Utgard-Loki (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok)


On our list of 20 Greatest Anime Characters that start with U, we have Utgard-Loki. He is just like he was in the past. He rules Utgard, the land of the giants. In the manga, Loki regained control after Urd killed Utgard. He appears to have an odd infatuation with Spica.

19) Urumi Kanzaki (Great Teacher Onizuka)


Urumi is a lovely young lady with a polished, elegant demeanor and a very gorgeous, delicate face. She has light blonde hair with side-swept bangs, fair skin, and eyes of various hues. She has proportionate, long, slender legs, curved hips, and a slim frame. Although Urumi appears to be a happy child, she is actually a spoilt, naughty girl who is regarded as a remarkable child genius.

20) Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma)


Ukyo has long, black hair, which she generally ties back or wears in a headband or bow when attending school. Ukyo is endearing, tenacious, and trustworthy. He frequently gets along with Akane and occasionally goes out without Ranma. Ukyo, moved by the story of the male “kunoichi” Konatsu’s terrible upbringing, has demonstrated kindness by temporarily housing the Tendos and permanently providing bed and board for the family.

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