10 Best Apps to Watch Kdrama for Free (2023)

Currently, Kdrama, or simply Korean drama, has become for youths a must-watch addiction. Because Korean short stories or just Kdramas are hype nowadays. Most people love the romantic Korean drama genre, and several of them started learning Korean. But it is a fact that movies, TV series, and dramas produced in Asia offer good quality.

However, the subscription comes in the way. To watch Kdrama in high definition and for free, there is a need to have certain apps to watch Kdrama for free. So, if any drama lover wants to access the app offering exclusive access to Asian dramas for free, then look no further.

Apps to Watch Kdrama for Free

If someone is looking for Kdrama to watch without paying for a subscription, then this list is perfect. One can find such free apps in the below-mentioned apps.

1) Telegram


Most people are familiar with the most reliable and fastest messaging app, namely, Telegram. As all updates come with some kind of new features, and that’s the case with this application.

The interface of Telegram got more features, and thus, it turned out to be more entertaining and valuable. You can say it has been brought to the next level because apart from web series, you can even download Kdrama.


  • Easy to search for Kdrama.
  • One can watch Kdrama by using a bot and an internal player.

2) TubiTV


You can count TubiTV as one of the most amazing TV applications. Because a huge number of free movies and Kdrama can be expected from it. 

For those fans who want to stay updated with every new Kdrama, then this platform is the best to go for. You can expect new Kdrama to be included on weekly basis. One will never come up short of watching popular Kdrama.


  • It is accessible on any set-top-box, Android, and iOS for free.
  • Based on the user’s viewing habits, one can receive recommendations.

3) MX Player

MX Player

If you’re someone who fails to find a particular Kdrama in the local language, then hit MX Player. The stunning feature of this platform is the availability of over 150,000 several local languages. It is a one-stop app for some of the best web series, songs, movies, and Kdrama.

In case, you get bored from watching Kdrama for hours, then do try games available on the MX Player. You can even cash prizes for the games like quizzes, Ludo, carrom, and other arcade & racing games.


  • A watchlist can be created to watch later.
  • One can experience smooth video playback along with gesture controls.

4) YouTube


YouTube is something that never fails to provide striking content whether it is beauty, learning, news, fashion, gaming, and more. The availability of Youtube is on every device ranging from PC to mobile phones. 

You’ve to do nothing but just hit subscribe button on your favorite Kdrama channels and stay up to date. If you’re on a plane, then also you can enjoy saved videos of Kdrama.


  • Conversations can be joined with comments and interactions with other community members and creators.
  • In subscriptions, the latest from favorite channels can be seen.

5) AsiaFlix


Find all your favorite Korean dramas at one stop with subtitles in a language like English. You can watch Korean and Asian dramas through AsiaFlix anywhere and anytime for free.

There is a rapid and ever-growing list of several Korean dramas and thus, you can hook up with AsiaFlix. At last, free to watch Korean dramas of high quality in thousand is for everyone.


  • Dramas are provided as soon as they are aired on the network of original broadcasting.
  • All the TV shows and dramas are subbed, along with English language subtitles.

6) Snaptube

This drama app comes with every kind of media content which can be watched without any cost. With the aid of actors and titles, you can easily look for Korean dramas on Snaptube.

You can watch dramas in all languages and with subtitles like English on this highly-rated Android application. There is no such limit for downloading dramas through Snap Tube on mobile


  • High-quality video can be streamed without buffering.
  • There is a user-friendly interface, due to which searching for dramas becomes so easy.


7) Dramahood


You can watch TV shows and Kdrama on any platform like PC, tablet, or smartphone. However, without a subscription, you can enjoy a considerable amount of content on Dramahood.

Apart from that, you can enjoy other services with this like drama databases, current events, the latest news, and more.


  • One can watch Kdramas through Dramahood in English subtitles.
  • The available languages are German, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, and English.

8) Drakor ID


One solution for all Kdrama lovers who want to watch it anytime and anywhere, both offline and online. The answer is Drakor ID which offers a complete collection that even supports Android TV

Like other platforms, their goal is also to make the availability of Kdrama efficient. All drama lovers can watch Kdrama quickly and easily through this platform.


  • It comes with a bookmarked favorite to keep the favorite drama separately.
  • Watch History is there because it will be easy to keep track of Kdrama.

9) KBS World

Just like other television channels, it is also one of them, but the target audience is international. It is the premier window of KBS 2TV and 1TV’s most famous and latest programs, along with English subtitles.

However, you can even download a complimentary KBS World app. Through this, you can enjoy high-quality content comprising fans’ community service.


  • Through WorldKBS World Community Service, one can communicate with global KBS World fans.
  • Behind the scene, cuts can be expected from KBS dramas, K-pop programs, and a variety of shows.

10) SBS

You can enjoy the clip video with the aid of broadcasting companies like SBS, MBC, JTBC, Channel A, CJ E & M, TV ship, and MBN

Also, you can access 24-hour SBS’s famous programs with the 24 hours TV. However, Ultra-high quality or high-quality real-time TV tickets can also be expected. But its app is required to access the precise location, approximate location, and even the camera device flashlight.


  • Popular arts, cultural, and drama broadcast podcasts are available.
  • It can be downloaded and installed on devices of Android supporting 16 APIs and above.

So, Kdramas have now become a fruitful lesson in terms of Korean culture and the Korean language. Along with so many Kdramas to choose from, one can be bounded to figure out one that improves competence in Korean.

Overall that was the made-up list of apps to watch Kdrama for free. Thus, one can start their Kdrama sessions and enjoy the show without paying for a subscription. Here, we conclude our article.

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