Black Clover Is Now Published in Countries Outside of Japan

Black Clover became a staple in the shounen genre soon after its debut, and its popularity has only grown ever since then. The series became a phenomenon after its anime adaptation, with countless fans falling in love with its magical world. Black Clover’s popularity has reached a peak since then as the manga is now being licensed and published in countries outside of Japan.

This year, Black Clover has sold a startling 19 million copies worldwide, and the numbers are enough to showcase the pull the story has. With fans all over the world getting hooked on the journey of Asta, Yuno and their friends, publishers from other countries are now getting the license of the beloved manga and publishing it in their countries.

The countries Black Clover will now officially be publishing, and their respective publishers are as the following:

Among these, Panini Comics Italia has the license of Black Clover Light Novels 1, 2 and 3, as well as all the volumes of the Quartet Knights spinoff series.

Black Clover gaining worldwide fame is a delightful development, and it will surely benefit other manga in gaining international platforms in other countries in the future. The manga, written and drawn by Yuki Tabata, debuted in 2015, and has been serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump.

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