Top 25 Hottest Webtoon Characters (Male+Female) 2023

The craze for Webtoon has increased quite noticeably in the anime community. An essential feature of webtoons is their sharp art style that helps portray their characters attractively. Thus today, we bring you the Top 25 Hottest Webtoon Characters (Male+Female) 2022.

These characters created a fan following of their own with their abilities and beauty. It is not just their face but their charming personality also adds to their appeal. Find these Webtoons on Apps like Webtoon, Tapas, Lezhin, etc. Use these legal websites to get hold of more amazing webtoons like these.

Hence, without further ado, go ahead and read Top 25 Hottest Webtoon Characters (Male+Female) 2022.

25) Agnes Khun 


Agnes is one of the main characters of the webtoon Tower of God, and he is also Bam’s closest friend. He belongs to the Khun family, considered one of the ten great families.

But he is not a prodigy of his family but rather a defected son. Since his older sister could not become Jahad’s Princesses, he was kicked out of his family.

Then he steals goods from his family treasury and decides to climb the tower. Appearance-wise, he has pale blue hair and blue eyes.

24) Jay Jo


Jay Jo is the protagonist of the webtoon Wind Breaker, and he studies at Sunny high school. At first, he is not that sociable, but after he becomes a part of a biking team, he starts to express his feelings more.

He also becomes pretty popular after his debut in the League of Street preliminaries. His personality can make him seem selfish and arrogant, but in reality, he is very introverted and studious.

As a cyclist, he is the ace of his crew and is considered a well-rounded athlete.

23) Jung Yoo


Jung Yoo is the meal lead of the webtoon Cheese in the Trap. He is a very handsome individual who also hails from a very affluent background.

We can see him being respected by his peers, and almost everyone in his college adores and admires him. The only person who did not like him from the very beginning was Hong Seol.

She could guess his twisted and manipulative personality. He, too, hated her due to various reasons and thus made her life in college very difficult at first.

22) Hae In Cha


Hae In is an S-rank hunter and a vice guild master from the webtoon Solo Leveling. She is extremely powerful, despite being in the second position in the Hunters Guild. According to Jin Woo, she is actually more powerful than number 1.

She is also the only female S-ranked hunter in all of Korea. Hae In later joins Jin Woo’s guild Ahjin. She has many abilities, but mainly she is known for her Mana smell, Swordsmanship, and Stealth.

21) Euntae Hwang


Euntae is a police officer from the criminal investigation division and part of the webtoon White Blood. He is a very kind person with a strong sense of justice.

Euntae, too, is a mixed-blood vampire who became like that because of his parents. He tries to hide his nature from others, mainly from his sister.

Later he teams up with Hayan and decides to kill all the vampires. At the end of the series, he becomes a pureblood vampire, just like Hayan.

20) Shelly Scott


Shelly Scott is the female protagonist of the webtoon Wind Breaker. She is the only female member of the Hummingbird crew and is very talented.

Shelly also harbors a massive crush on Jay. As someone who lives in foreign countries, she is not at all shy and has a powerful personality.

She is also very protective of her friends and frequently turns down guys when they approach her. Due to her strength and talents, she can easily keep up with her group while racing.

19) Young Joon Lee


Young Joon Lee is the male protagonist of the webtoon, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. He can be considered very arrogant and narcissistic and is very difficult to work with.

The fact that he is extremely handsome and rich does not help his narcissism. Mi-So tried to leave him because of how difficult it was to be his secretary.

But when she tries to renounce her post, he realizes that he is in love with her. And after that, he tries his best to win her back.

18) Medea Solon


Medea is one of the main female leads of the webtoon Your Throne. She is the daughter of Duke Thesion Solon and the sister of Dekis Solon. Helio is her childhood friend, and he is also in love with her.

When she wished on the day of the Yearly Prayer, she temporarily got the power of switching her bodies with Psyche. In her original body, she has black hair and purple eyes with fair skin. She also has a distinct mole under her left eye.

Medea is a very elegant and ambitious young woman with a haughty attitude. And she uses many strategies, such as manipulation, to become the Crown Princess of Vasilios.

17) Winter Woods


Winter is the protagonist of the webtoon Winter Woods. He is not a human but rather an experiment done by an alchemist.

He was supposed to be dead, but he survived for hundreds of years because of his immortality. Now he lives in the modern era under the supervision of scientists.

As he has lived mainly in isolation, he has a child-like personality and takes time to learn things. He starts to live with Jane and falls in love with her.

16) Penelope Eckhart


Penelope from “Villains Are Destined to Die” used to be a normal hardworking Korean woman treated badly by her family. She later reincarnates into the body of Penelope Eckert from the game Daughter of the Duke – Love Project!

The problem is she is not the heroine but the villainess. Now she needs to gain the favor of all the male leads to survive the ending.

The moment she gains favors, the game will show a percentage of their love towards her over their head. Her goal is to score 100% in it.

15) Navier Ellie Trovi


Navier is the protagonist of the webtoon Remarried Empress. She was the previous empress of the eastern empire. And After she gets deposed from there, she remarries and becomes the empress of the western empire.

All the empresses of the eastern empire come from her family; thus, she marries her distant cousin Sovieshu. And to become a good empress, she studied and learned everything from a very young age.

But Sovieshu betrays and divorces her to marry his concubine. Navier, too, later falls in love with Heinrey, the emperor of the neighboring Kingdom, and marries him.

14) Jiyoung Yoo


Jiyoung Yoo is a supporting character of the webtoon Eleceed and the older sister of Jiyoo. She runs the Shinhwa Association, which consists of Awakened beings.

Her powers include Aerokinesis and Spacial Isolation, and she ranks first in Korea as an Awakened. After the death of her parents, she had to step up at a young age and take on the company.

She’s also very protective of her brother and has a soft spot for him. Personality-wise, she is calm and collected and also very intelligent.

13) Aristia La Monique


Aristia is the daughter of the Marquis of the Monique house and the protagonist of the webtoon Abandoned Empress. From a very young age, she was trained to become the empress and was married to Ruvellis, the emperor.

But in her first life, her husband betrays her and executes her for treason. In her next life, she promises to avoid her husband and give up his position as his wife.

Surprisingly, this time, he starts to fall in love with her and refuses to let her go. Now Aristia needs to decide whether she will believe him and remarry Ruvellis or leave him.

12) L


L is the magician of the webtoon Annarasumanara. In the drama adaptation, his part was portrayed by the beloved South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook.

He is a 30-year-old man who comes from a well-established family and was also good at studies when young. Yet he had to leave school because he suffered from mental illness.

This happened due to the extreme pressure his family put him through. Even though he is a handsome adult, he has a pure soul, like a child who believes he can do magic.

11) Cayena Hill


Cayena is the only princess of the Eldyme Empire and the daughter of Esteban Hill, the current emperor. She is the heroine of The Villainess is a Marionette webtoon.

It is her fate to be betrayed by her brother Rezefthe future emperor. This is why she formulates a plan to counter every red flag by doing things differently in this life.

She is considered to be the most beautiful woman in her empire, with golden hair and blue eyes. Her beauty is so dazzling that people often get obsessed with her and this always lands her in bad situations.

10) Kayden Break


Kaden is another pick for our hottest webtoon characters, and he is from the webtoon Eleceed. He is the deuteragonist and also the strongest awakened who is not affiliated with any organization.

As he was heavily injured, he had to mask his human identity and transform into a cat. He could only turn back into a human by spending more energy.

His power includes Electrokinesis, Transformations, and Spatial Isolation. Currently, he’s acting as a mentor to Jiwoo and teaching him everything about the world of awakened beings.

9) Suho Lee


Suho is the male lead of the webtoon True Beauty. He is also the friend of Jugyeong Lim and becomes her first love interest later.

He is half Korean from his father’s side and half Japanese from his mother’s side. Due to him being mixed, he was bullied when he was young.

Thus despite being academically gifted, he has mediocre social skills. He later goes to MIT to study engineering and becomes an undergrad student there.

8) Yeon Woo Cha


Yeon Woo Cha is the main protagonist of the webtoon Second Life Ranker and also one of the hottest characters in the webtoon. When his brother disappears five years ago, leaving only his pocket watch, Yeon Woo decides to search for him.

He gets hold of a letter that his brother writes hinting that he might be dead. To get revenge on those who betrayed his brother while climbing the Obelisk tower, he takes the name of his brother and decides to climb that tower.

7) Joonghyuk Yoo


Joonghyuk Yoo is the main character of the novel Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World and a primary character in the webtoon Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. He is considered very handsome even by the characters of the webtoon.

He has black hair and black eyes, but his eyes glow golden when he activates Sage’s eye. In his male form, he is muscular and normally wears a black coat and combat boots.

In his female form, he has waist-length hair, and he becomes more beautiful than in his male form. Customary to male leads, he is a very determined and noble person with a naturally good heart.

6) Roxana Agriche


Before transmigration, Roxana was a normal girl from Korea. But after experiencing many hardships in her life as Roxana, she decides to survive with her wit.

Initially, she had no interest in her family business and decided not to live like a villainess. But when her brother Achille gets killed, she decides to take revenge on her family by becoming what they wanted her to be.

Now her personality is twisted, cunning, and manipulative, and she gets whatever she wants. But deep down, she is a pitiful soul who laments her brother’s death.

5) Claude de Alger Obelia



Claude is one of the hottest webtoon characters ever, who is from the comic Who Made Me a Princess. He is the father of Anastasia and the reigning king of the Obelian empire.

With pale skin, blonde hair, and clear blue eyes, he is considered very handsome by many. As he faced an unhappy childhood and saw many bad situations, he became a cold and distrustful king.

After becoming emperor, he leads a reckless life until the day he falls in love with a dancer. But she dies while giving birth to his daughter, and he again falls into despair.

4) Dokja Kim


Dokja Kim is the protagonist of the webtoon Omniscient Reader. He is 28 years old and supposedly the only reader of Three ways to survive an apocalypse.

As a realistic person, he is neither too kind nor too cruel. He is also very reliable and can easily convince people, making him a formidable party leader.

He has a very beautiful appearance with pale skin and thin black hair. Even though at first he stays skinny, later, with the help of his strength stat, he becomes quite muscular.

3) Hayan Park


Hayan is a beautiful, pureblood vampire from the webtoon White Blood who is our first pic for one of the hottest webtoon characters female. She has two appearances.

When she is in her human form, she has brown hair and brown eyes, while in her vampire form, she has white hair and blue eyes. As a pureblood vampire, she is more powerful than ordinary mixed-blood vampires.

She has a very cheerful personality and is also very close to her family. Even though she wants to live like a normal human, she understands that she can not do that because of her vampire self.

She takes on the mission to kill all the vampires and save the humans after her caretaker, Father Michael, dies.

2) Cadis Etrama Di Raizel


Cadis is our second pic as one of the hottest webtoon characters, and he is from the comic Noblesse. As he is a vampire, he is more than 2000 years old and has black hair with red eyes.

He has a cold yet elegant personality, and he is of noble descent. When he wakes up in the 21st century, he remains oblivious to modern-day technologies like phones.

All this time, he had been sleeping inside an abandoned building for almost 820 years. After seeing students wearing a school uniform and he decides to wear one himself and join the school.

1) Sung Jin Woo


Jin Woo is the protagonist of the webtoon Solo Leveling, which is currently one of the most famous webtoons. He’s definitely our pick as one of the hottest webtoon characters ever.

At the beginning of the webtoon, he is a very weak and vulnerable E-Rank hunter. But one day, after a dreadful mission, he gets the chance to grow his powers without restraints.

Personality-wise, he is very confident about his achievements, and he is also very protective of his family. He is also polite and selfless, but when it comes to battles, he can be very ruthless.

On that note, we conclude our article on the Top 25 Hottest Webtoon Characters (Male+Female) 2022. We hope we were able to include your favorite characters here as well. Sorry if we missed out on any deserving candidates.

Stay tuned to get more updates on articles like these based on your beloved manga, anime, webtoon, etc.

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