Kengan Omega: Berserk Bowl All Fights and Results (2023)

Kengan Omega begins another tournament after concluding Purgatory vs Kengan competition. Its name is Berserk Bowl with prize money of Fifty million yen. Presently the prelims of Berserk Bowl have over, and the selected fighter will advance to the next round. There were 32 fighters in 8 pools (4 fighters in each pool), and among them, only 8 were shortlisted for the championship (each from every pool).

Here, in this post, we will update the result of the Berserk Bowl competition from beginning to end so that you don’t have to search for manga chapters to know the result of every fight. So, without any further discussion, let’s begin with round 1.

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All Berserk Bowl Results in Kengan Omega

All Fighters

Kengan Omega Berserk Bowl All Fights

Pool A·       Furusaki Jinsei
·       Leonardo Silva
·       Hong Xiaohu
·       Alberto Hiruma
Pool B ·       Sakuragawa Arata
·       Yurikawa Taiju
·       Tsukamoto Seishiro
·       Imai Cosmo
Pool C ·       Ilyukhin Asimov
·       Death Crow Jr.
·       Yugetsu Yoshi
·       Lihito
Pool D ·       Mark Myers
·       Pitali Klitschko
·       Kim Janggi
·       Onoda Ikkai
Pool E ·       Kim Seungyuop
·       Aki Saito
·       Narushima Koga
·       Funayama Yoshiki
Pool F ·       Adam Dudley
·       Luca Tyrant
·       Himuro Ryo
·       Kono Haruo
Pool G·       The Falcon
·       Namnhat
·       Sawada Keizaburo
·       Saw Paing
Pool H·       Gaoh Ryuki
·       Ushiroda Takero
·       Chiba Takayuki
·       Tokeshi Kota

Round 1


PoolMatchResult (Winner)
Pool A1)       Leonardo Silva vs Alberto Hiruma
2)       Furusaki Jinsei vs Hong Xiaohu
·       Leonardo Silva
·       Hong Xiaohu
Pool B1)       Sakuragawa Arata vs Tsukamoto Seishiro
2)       Imai Cosmo vs Yurikawa Taiju
·       Sakuragawa Arata
·       Imai Cosmo
Pool C1)       Death Crow Jr. vs Lihito
2)       Yugetsu Yoshi vs Ilyukhin Asimov
·       Lihito
·       Ilyukhin Asimov wins by K.O. & Yuge Tsuyoshi withdraws
Pool D1)       Mark Myers vs Pitali Klitschko
2)       Kim Janggi vs Onoda Ikkai
·       Mark Myers
·       Kim Janggi wins by K.O. (withdraws) & Onoda Ikkai withdraws
Pool E1)       Narushima Koga vs Funayama Yoshiki
2)       Kim Seungyuop vs Aki Saito
·       Narushima Koga
·       Aki Saito
Pool F1)       Adam Dudley vs Luca Tyrant
2)       Himuro Ryo vs Kono Haruo
·       Adam Dudley
·       Kono Haruo (forfeit)
Pool G1)       The Falcon vs Sawada Keizaburo
2)       Namnhat vs Saw Paing
·       The Falcon
·       Saw Paing
Pool H1)       Gaoh Ryuki vs Tokeshi Kota
2)       Ushiroda Takero vs Chiba Takayuki
·       Tokeshi Kota
·       Chiba Takayuki

Round 2

PoolMatchResult (Winner)
Pool ALeonardo Silva vs Hong Xiaohu·       Leonardo Silva advances to Championship
Pool BSakuragawa Arata vs Imai Cosmo·       Imai Cosmo advances to Championship
Pool CLihito vs Ilyukhin Asimov·       Lihito advances to Championship
Pool DMark Myers vs none·       Mark Myers (by default)
Pool E1)       Narushima Koga vs Aki Saito
2)       Kim Seungyuop vs Funayama Yoshiki
·       Narushima Koga
·       Funayama Yoshiki
Pool FAdam Dudley vs Himuro Ryo·       Adam Dudley advances to Championship
Pool GThe Falcon vs Saw Paing·       Saw Paing advances to Championship
Pool H1)       Gaoh Ryuki vs Chiba Takayuki
2)       Tokeshi Kota vs Ushiroda Takero
·       Gaoh Ryuki
·       Ushiroda Takero

Round 3

Pool ENarushima Koga vs Kim Seungyuop·       Narushima Koga advances to Championship
Pool HGaoh Ryuki vs Ushiroda Takero
Chiba Takayuki vs Tokeshi Kota
·       Goah Ryuki
·       Chiba Takayuki (forfeit)

Round 4

Pool HGaoh Ryuki vs Chiba Takayuki·       Goah Ryuki advances to Championship

Championship Fighters Kengan Omega

  • Leonardo Silva
  • Imai Cosmo
  • Lihito
  • Mark Myers
  • Narushima Koga
  • Adam Dudley
  • Saw Paing
  • Gaoh Ryuki

Kengan Omega Chapter 168 unveiled the actual matchups for the first round of Championship. According to this draw, below are the matches of Round 1. 

Kengan Omega Berserker Bowl

Championship Round 1:




Match 1

Saw Paing vs Imai Cosmo

Saw Paing

Match 2

Lihito vs Mark Myers


Match 3

Narushima Koga vs Leonardo Silva


Match 4

Adam Dudley vs Gaoh Ryuki



In Round 2, everyone is predicting Lihito’s winning. Many fans consider Mark Myers as a rookie who was just shortlisted for the main Championship by double knockout luck. Therefore, it will be easy for Lihito to take him down. 

In Round 3, it will be a tough fight between Narushima Koga and Leonardo Silva. But we know Koga is the protagonist, and he practiced under a lot of legendary fighters. But Leonardo Silva is expert in submission grappling. Therefore, we may witness another flashback training of Koga with Cosmo, where Cosmo teaches him to counter various submission grappling.

In Round 4, the most remarkable round will be between Adam Dudley and Gaoh Ryuki. On one side, we have Adam Dudley, who has defeated Himuro Ryo in one on one fight, and on the other side, we have Gaoh Ryuki, a fighter with the most significant role in the Omega series; so who will win?

Here, we conclude our article on “Kengan Omega: Berserk Bowl Fights and Results.” We will update this post as the story follows. We will be back next week with an update. Till then, stay healthy and stay tuned with us.

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