Major Spy x Family Characters Age, Height, and Weight (2023)

It is no doubt that Spy x Family has one of the most dynamic and interesting bunch of characters amongst animes. Thus for those who wish to know more about them, we present our article on Major Spy x Family Characters’ Age, Height, and Weight.

The story of Spy x Family is about a spy called Twilight, who sets up a fake family for his mission. Twilight’s target, Donovan Desmond, sends his son to the Eden Academy, and to investigate him, Twilight goes on an undercover mission.

He adopts Anya as his child and marries Yor Briar, a seemingly innocent office worker. What he doesn’t know is that Anya can read minds, and Yor is a professional assassin. And that is how these unique individuals who are full of secrets start their journey as a family.

The personal information on characters presented here is taken from Fandom. Now, without further ado, go ahead, and read all about the Major Spy x Family Characters’ Age, Height, and Weight.

Spy X Family                Age (years)Height (cm)Weight (lbs)
Anya Forger699.5~35
Loid Forger~27187~162
Yor Forger27152.4~131
Damian Desmond6
Yuri Briar20
Fiona Frost
Becky Blackbell6
Henry Henderson66
Sylvia Sherwood
Franky Franklin

10) Franky Franklin-

Spy x Family Characters Age_Franky Franklin

Franky works for Loid Forger as an informant who also seemingly works at a Tobacco store. We do not have any info about his height, weight, age, or date of birth.

Franky is the one who arranged documents for Anya’s admission to the Eden Academy. He is quite helpful and supportive, and he actively helps Loid out whenever he needs anything. Even though he advises Loid not to be too attached to people in their line of work, he falls for women all the time.

9) Sylvia Sherwood-

Sylvia Sherwood Spy x Family

Just like Franky, not much is known about Sylvia, especially about her height, weight, or age. Often called the Fullmetal Lady, she is the “Handler” at WISE, their agency.

She is a slender woman who is a competent agent and extremely professional in her work. It was mentioned that she once had a daughter, but she might not live with her anymore, and this is why she treats Anya quite kindly.

8) Henry Henderson-

Henry Henderson Henry Henderson Spy x Family

Henry is the sixty-six-year-old history teacher and housemaster at the Eden Academy. No other info is given for him.

He values elegance more than anything and abhors uncouth behavior or lack of tact. He was the one who supported the admission of Anya to his school and even punched a colleague who behaved rudely with the Forgers.

7) Becky Blackbell-

Becky Blackbell Spy x Family

For Becky, we only know her age, which is six, just like Damian but other than that, we do not know anything about her. She is the daughter of a CEO who is a military manufacturer.

Becky is one of the very few people who were kind and helpful to Anya and has since then remained friends with her. She also harbors a huge crush on Anya’s father, Loid.

6) Fiona Frost-

Nightfall Spy x Family

Fiona is another talented agent like Loid, and perhaps that is why we do not know much about her. Her code name is Nightfall, and she works as an undercover assistant to Loid at the Berlint General Hospital.

Loid is the one who trained her as a spy, and thus, she is very good at keeping her emotions in check. She’s also in love with Loid and thus, hates Yor Forger.

5) Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar Spy x Family

Yuri is the 20-year-old brother of Yor, who is an agent at the State Security Service. He is very much in love with her, to point of being obsessed with her. Yuri entered his profession to protect his sister from any threats.

As a Siscon, he always dreamed of marrying Yor, which is why the news of her sudden marriage did not sit well with him. Hence, he doesn’t think Loid deserves Yor.

4) Damian Desmond-

Damian Desmond Spy x Family

Damian is in the same grade as Anya and Becky, and hence he is also six years old. That is the only bit of info we have on him. He is the son of Loid’s target, Donovan Desmond.

He acts as a rival to Anya and, in the beginning, even is antagonistic towards her. But he slowly starts to like her and even develops feelings for her. We even see him protecting Anya at a dodgeball match.

3) Yor Forger-

Yor Forger Spy x Family

Yor is a twenty-seven-year-old office employee whom Loid married to create this fake family. She is actually an assassin who started this profession to take care of her brother Yuri.

Yor marries Loid, because she would be able to continue her work as a masterful killer. She slowly falls for Loid and even cares for Anya as her own daughter.

2) Loid Forger-

Loid Forger Spy x Family

Loid is the protagonist of this anime about whom we know very little. It has been revealed that he is 187 cm tall and weighs 70 to 90 kg. He works as a spy called Twilight and adopts the name Loid Forger for his mission.

For Operation Strix, he needs to investigate Donovan Desmond, the president of the Unity Party of Ostania. Donovan is so careful that he only comes out at the annual party of Eden Academy. Thus Loid adopts Anya and enrolls her in that school to keep tabs on Donovan.

1) Anya Forger-

Anya Forger Spy x Family

Anya is the cute adopted daughter of Loid and Yor, who can read minds. She lied about her age which is why she is legally six years old but is actually four or five.

As Anya was a test subject for some research facility, she acquired these superhuman powers. Upon escaping from there, she goes to an orphanage and meets Loid.

She has an active imagination and loves the fact that she is the daughter of a spy and an assassin.

On that note, we end our informative article on Major Spy x Family Characters Age, Height, and Weight. Stay tuned for more content on your favorite anime, manga, webtoon, etc.

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