Top 10+ Manga Like Spy X Family (2023)

Spy X Family started off as a successful manga that was able to capture the heart of every reader with its humor and action. This is why we are listing Top 10+ Manga Like Spy X Family (2022).

This manga is about a household of three quirky individuals who form a family to achieve their individual goals. Loid is a spy who, for his mission, enrolls his foster daughter, Anya, an esper, into the prestigious school Eden Academy. To complete the farce, he also marries Yor, an office worker who, unbeknownst to him, is an assassin.

The hilarious thing is, nobody knows about the secret lives of the others apart from Anya, who can read everyone’s thoughts. And she is not complaining about her bizarre circumstances, as she loves the thrill of being the daughter of a spy and an assassin.

For fans who wish to read something as entertaining as Spy X Family, we present Top 10+ Manga Like Spy X Family (2022).

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11) Kimi wa 008-

Kimi wa 008


Number of Volumes- 18

Akashi, our protagonist, could not manage to get into any high school that he applied to. But thankfully, he got a call from a mysterious school where he didn’t apply.

It was only later that he realized that this school was not normal and it actually trains spies. When he tried to leave the school, he got to know that his deceased father also was a spy. And to discover the reason behind his death, Akashi stays.

Similarities –

  • This manga is like Spy X Family because they both have badass female protagonists who are trained assassins, and both mangas deal with spies.

10) Policewoman and Assassin- 

Policewoman and Assassin


Number of Volumes- 3

The assassin wishes to kill the businessman that constantly flirts with the policewoman. This not only hinders the assassin’s work, but it is becoming impossible for him to do anything to his target.

Thus he inadvertently starts to protect the policewoman and develops a special relationship with her.

Similarities –

  • In both mangas, two unlikely people with different professions come together and form a relationship.

9) Raise wa Tanin ga Ii

Raise wa Tanin


Number of Volumes- 5

This story centers around the life of Yoshino, the daughter of the Yakuza sect, the Somei Group. Even though she’s from a Yakuza background, she tries her best to live a normal life.

But her situation gets disrupted when she suddenly gets engaged to the Tokyo-based Yakuza group, the Miyama family. At first, her fiance seemed normal and agreeable, but she slowly understands how twisted he is.

Similarities –

  • The main characters deal with dangerous professions.
  • These mangas are thriller comedies.

8) Koroshi Ai-

Koroshi Ai


Number of Volumes- 11

Chateau Dankworth is a bounty hunter who is targetting the infamous assassin Song Ryang-ha. But in their very first encounter, he lets her know that he is after her heart.

He pursues her by presenting her with her targets and tries whatever methods he can to get Chateau’s attention.

Similarities –

  • These mangas deal with spies and assassins that form an unlikely connection.

7) Hinamatsuri-



Number of Volumes- 19

Nitta is a Yakuza who one day finds a capsule containing a young girl called Hina. She is an extremely powerful psychokinesis user who helps Nitta with his work and, in return, uses him to get food and toys.

Thus Nitta ends up becoming her guardian.

Similarities –

  • Both male protagonists, who were very unlikely to take care of anyone, adopted a cute child.

6) The Way of the Househusband-

The Way of the Househusband


Number of Volumes- 9

Tatsu was once a fearsome Yakuza, but now he is just a househusband who likes to take care of his wife. We see him going around the town with his menacing aura, shopping, and doing all the mundane things that make him a great husband.

Similarities –

  • Both mangas showcase men of fearsome professions settling in as caring husbands.

5) Candy and Cigarettes-

Candy and Cigarettes


Number of Volumes- 11

Ex-police officer Raizou Hiraga never thought he’d have to work again to save his hospitalized grandson. As he can’t be choosy with what he can do, he agrees to work  for people about whom he knows little.

But he soon realizes he will have to partner up with Miharu Suzukaze, an eleven-year-old assassin.

Similarities –

  • The relationship between Anya and Loid is very similar to the relationship between Raizou and Miharu.

4) Mission: Yozakura Family-

Mission Yozakura Family


Number of Volumes- 12

The Yozakura family is special as it is the world’s most renowned family of spies. When the youngest daughter Mutsumi becomes entangled with Taiyou, a socially outcast boy, her protective older brother makes him his next target.

To save his life, Taiyou becomes a part of the Yozakura family by marrying Mutsumi. Now he must train and become the best to protect his wife.

Similarities –

  • Both mangas have spies and couples who fall for each other after marriage.
  • The tone in both mangas is also comedic yet thrilling.

3) Yotsuba to!-

_Yotsuba to


Number of Volumes- 15

The story centers around Yotsuba, who finds pleasure in the little things of life. Her life changes for the better when she moves into a new neighborhood with her father and finds the Ayase family.

With the three Ayase daughters, Yotsuba thus starts to live a peaceful yet ridiculous life full off bustle.

Similarities –

  • These mangas have cute but eccentric children and caring father figures.

2) Sakamoto Days-

Sakamoto Days


Number of Volumes- 6

There was once a time when Sakamoto used to be the best hitman of his time. But then he fell in love with a girl, and now he works at a convenience store with his wife.

But even though he left his past, his past doesn’t want to leave him, and from time to time, former rivals or partners try to disrupt his peaceful days.

Similarities –

  • Both mangas deal with assassins and spies with families.
  • They are also comedies with a good dose of action.

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1) Kaguya-sama: Love is War-



Number of Volumes- 25

In this story, we see a pair of two geniuses fighting for dominance in their relationship. Shirogane is the student council president of the prestigious, Shuchiin Academy and the beautiful Kaguya is the vice president.

They’re both very much in love, but their pride stops them from confessing their love first. Thus they play different mind games on each other to make the other submit first.

Similarities –

  • This manga is like Spy X Family as they are both thriller comedies with unique characters.
  • The male and female protagonists share similar personality traits.

We will urge you to check out these manga recommendations if you like Spy X Family. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on your favorite topics.

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