Will Garp Die In One Piece?

One Piece never fails to deliver shocking twists and development. And after the last chapter, fans have been waiting with bated breath to find out what happens next to the fan-favorite character of vice-admiral Monkey D. Garp. The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1088 shows a panel of Garp lying on the ground, slowly freezing with Kuzan’s ice blade. Now the question everyone has is: will Garp die in One Piece?

The circumstance Garp has found himself in suggests that death is awaiting in his future. His battleship has already left with the SWORD members and the rescued prisoners. Garp himself has been stabbed and suffered numerous wounds. On top of that, he has been fighting Kuzan who is a former admiral and not an easy opponent at all.

Now, he’s on Hachinosu, surrounded by the crew of the Blackbeard Pirates, including its Commanders, as he falls to the ground. Kuzan stabbing him with his ice blade might just be his ending.

However, one thing we should remember is that One Piece doesn’t kill its characters often. In fact, the creator of the manga series, Eiichiro Oda has confessed that he dislikes killing characters and doesn’t plan to do it much.

Based on that, it’s safe to assume that Garp might become unfit to fight any longer, but he might not actually die. In fact, he could be working with Kuzan next as Kuzan’s eyes were not visible when he was watching Garp freeze, and this could indicate that his loyalty does indeed belong to the law still.

Garp working with Kuzan will be an interesting development with how it could affect Blackbeard. But as of now, we have no solid answer to whether Garp will die in One Piece, but for now, our theories would have to do.

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