Toga’s Death in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 395 draws the conclusion to Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga’s story. Their connection started from the Forest Training Arc, and developed eventually throughout the story. The end of their connection also came in the form of Toga’s death. 

The spoilers for Chapter 395 shows Toga and Uraraka completely exhausted after overusing their Quirks. Uraraka, having suffered her life-threatening injuries and her Quirk Awakening at the same time, is bleeding out on the ground. The Twice clones are vanishing from all over the battleground after Toga’s hatred-filled heart was soothed by Uraraka’s kind words.

While all these happen, Toga ponders over her actions, and how she was blessed with a Quirk that allowed her to transform into her loved ones and used it for hatred instead.

Looking over at Uraraka, she thinks how her sweet words have affected Toga’s bitter heart, and she no longer wants a world where Uraraka doesn’t exist. So, she decides to give all her blood to the Hero.

Toga begins the blood transfusion after consuming Uraraka’s blood to transform into her. As she gives her blood to Uraraka, she tells her how despite being a Hero, Uraraka understood her and sought to help her even though Toga was hurting her friends. She lovingly calls Uraraka weird for this.

Uraraka calls out Toga’s decision to give her blood as weird in return. But Toga claims that she lives like she wants, and she wants Uraraka to live.

And because Toga likes to live her own way, she’ll decide her ending instead. Towards the end, Toga is seen letting out a bird in the air to fly as she watches on, and with this, Uraraka and Toga find their ending with Toga’s death.

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