Uraraka and Toga’s Relation in My Hero Academia | Explained

Like most shounen series, the main characters of My Hero Academia also have their own personal villain who are the biggest obstacle in their journey or personal growth. For the protagonist Deku, it is obviously the main villain Shigaraki. For Todoroki, it is his estranged brother Dabi. And for Uraraka, it is Himiko Toga.

Uraraka and Toga first clashed during the Forest Training Camp Arc, where Toga professed her “love” for both Deku and Uraraka. Later, they came face to face again during the first war in which Toga achieved her Quirk Awakening. Interestingly, her first feat with her awakened Quirk is to transform into Uraraka and use her Zero Gravity.

In the Final War, the two enemies clash once again. But this time, both of their feelings have changed. While Toga has become completely dejected and unhinged, Uraraka has been trying to understand the perspective of the Villain. She empathizes with Toga being shunned all her life and the loneliness that comes along with it.

Uraraka and Toga

During their battle in the final war, Uraraka declares her understanding of Toga’s feelings, but the Villain is too far gone to listen to words that she believes are out of pity. When Uraraka denies that she doesn’t pity Toga, the Villain claims that in that case, Uraraka’s words can come from her ego.

It is then that Uraraka announces that it could be because of ego, because she is jealous of Toga. She is jealous of how easily Toga can profess her love and how brightly she can smile. Despite battling with a fatal wound, she wants to become Toga’s friends, and discuss romance like normal teenage girls.

Her words finally seem to reach Toga, and there is a panel of two little girls meeting each other.

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