Uraraka’s Quirk Awakening in My Hero Academia Chapter 393 | Explained

My Hero Academia is in its Final War Arc, and this means all the main characters are getting power-ups to reach their peak. Recently, the main character who achieved her peak is Ochako Uraraka during her fight against Himiko Toga. Here we’ll be discussing Uraraka’s Quirk Awakening in My Hero Academia Chapter 393.

Quirk Awakening is when an individual’s Quirk reaches its highest potential and becomes the strongest version of itself. The awakening is typically caused by intense emotional outbreak, like the strong feelings one gets in a life-or-death situation. Only a few characters in the series, including Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki, have achieved their Quirk Awakenings.

Uraraka’s Quirk Awakening is achieved in My Hero Academia Chapter 393, when she’s fatally stabbed by Toga who has previous achieved Quirk Awakening herself. Not only that, but things are also looking bleak for the Heroes as the Death Man’s Parade keeps going on. Uraraka is also visibly emotional about Toga, and seeks a connection with her.

Uraraka's Quirk Awakening

Her desperation to convince Toga that though she cannot validate the Villain’s actions, she can listen to her part of the story and understand her perspective. She doesn’t see Toga as just a nefarious Villain, but a lonely girl nobody understood. It’s her strong emotional and physical turmoil that causes her Zero Gravity to awaken.

Like Shigaraki’s awakening, Uraraka’s Quirk Awakening also enables her to make things float in the air even if she isn’t touching them. Though the entire effect of this awakening hasn’t been explored yet, we can safely assume that Uraraka can only make things float without touching within a certain radius.

More of Uraraka’s Quirk Awakening will be explored in the upcoming Chapter 394 of My Hero Academia.

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