Luffy’s Peak Is Here! Gear 5 Official Trailer Finally Out

The year 2023 belongs entirely to One Piece and its fans. Among its multiple developments this year, the most awaited one has to be Luffy’s Gear 5 appearing in the anime. Ever since it happened in the manga, fans are waiting with bated breaths to see it animated to its glory. And now the time is finally here, with Luffy’s Gear 5 official trailer finally dropping.

Towards the end of the Wano Arc, with Kaido and Luffy going all out against each other, and Luffy at his wit’s end, Gear 5 finally makes its appearance. The power-up is one of the greatest, if not the greatest reveal of the whole series. It’s Luffy’s peak, and is so brilliant in its entirety that nobody expected this.

Now Luffy’s Gear 5 will be finally featured in the anime. It will be Episode 1072 where Gear 5 will be finally debuting, and will be released on August 6. It’s rumored that the episode will be directed by the talented director Megumi Ishitani who’s previously directed some of the best episodes of One Piece anime.

In the official trailer of Luffy’s Gear 5, released by One Piece’s official YouTube channel, we see little glimpses of the power-up. Luffy’s hair and clothes have turned white, and there is a constant smile on his face as his heart beats louds to the rhythms of the drums of liberation. The trailer also mentions Gear 5’s connection to Joyboy, but leaves out the major reveal of Luffy’s devil fruit.

It’s safe to bet that Episode 1072 will be not only one of the best episodes of One Piece anime, but also one of the greatest episodes of this year. August 6 cannot come any sooner.

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