(2023) Top 10 Best Shows on VRV Ranked

VRV has gained popularity offering a wide variety of content for anime lovers and gamers. Not only it has Channels like RoosterTeeth and Crunchyroll but also Shows from Cartoon Hangover, Mondo Media, and VRV Select.

If you are curious about what shows to watch on VRV, this article will provide you with a perfect list of the best recommendations.

VRV is known chiefly for its Crunchyroll and anime series. No doubt it is a convenient destination for such entertainment content. But these aside, it keeps many gaming shows on Rooster Teeth and other cartoon series, including adult comedy, action, and a slice of life.

So why don’t we take you through the best of these non-anime and gaming productions? What are the best entertaining contents as of this year? Now from ten to one, check out these Top 10 Best Shows on VRV Ranked (excluding Japanese anime series) in 2021.

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Top 10 Best Shows on VRV

  • 10. Deep Space 69 Unrated –

Deep space 69 VRV
Image Source: mondomedia

Deep Space 69 is all about a guy named Jay and his koala friend, Hamilton. It is a sex-comedy adult animation with Jay as that constant lustful character.

He and Hamilton travel around the universe in their spaceship, looking for adventures. And in every episode, Jay looks forward to getting his way. He succeeds, but he and Hamilton end up getting into trouble and escaping most of the time.

Channel- Mondo

No. of Seasons- 9

Total no. of Episodes- 40

  • 9. Gary and His Demons –

Gary and His demons VRV
Image Source: imdb

Our ninth place is taken by none other than a gory but comical cartoon Gary and His Demons. The most powerful superhero of the twenty-first century, a 40-year-old man with a sword every day, fights to finish demons off the earth.

The amusing aspect of this superhero-trope is that Gary isn’t really a fan of this job. He desperately wishes to retire.

Channel- Mondo

No. of Seasons- 1

Total no. of Episodes- 21

  • 8. Happy Tree Friends –

Happy Tree Friends VRV
Image Source: wallpapercave

Adorable and gore are the two words that possibly fit together to describe this cartoon series concisely. Very popular and nostalgic, Happy Tree Friends is an animation of lovely-looking little animals.

Strikingly, it is filled with scenes of unending deaths of the same characters. You can find here Toothy, Cuddles, Flippy, Giggles, and many more of them. There are not any authentic dialogues but their cute sounds and laughs, and many times even screams. It has run for the longest time since 1999.

Channel- Mondo

No. of Seasons- 5

Total no. of Episodes- 88

  • 7. Red Vs Blue –

Red vs. Blue VRV
Image Source: roosterteeth.fandom

It is now almost unbelievable if you come across a person who has not heard of this sci-fi comedy! There is a box canyon and two groups on either side- Red and Blue. The scene is apparently of a military base.

In Rooster Teeth’s Red vs. Blue, the two sides with absurdity and hilarity keep up their rivalry. And they also sometimes work together to save the world. But again and again, they keep fighting each other.

Channel- Rooster Teeth

No. of Seasons- 6

Total no. of episodes- 67

  • 6. Immersion –

Image Source: roosterteeth

This one brings to you the gaming content that not only gamers but non-gamers enjoy.

Immersion‘s idea is to bring the virtual game world to life. What if your lifestyle dictated the aesthetic of digital games? Immersion is a live-action sci-fi comedy show. That is what you can anticipate from it. People in the show work to turn video game objects into reality.

Channel- Mondo

No. of Seasons- 6

Total no. of Episodes- 58

  • 5. RWBY –

Image Source: rwby.fandom

Ruby RoseWeiss SchneeBlake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long are together a team that makes RWBY. Not precisely an anime; it is a computer-animated show of fantasy and action genre.

This show, too, has run for a long time. It had quickly gained popularity with its school-life genre. It covers the adventures of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, four teenage girls, as they fight the Grimm monsters as Huntresses to save the world.

Channel- Rooster Teeth

No. of Seasons- 8

Total no. of Episodes- 120

  • 4. gen:LOCK –

Image Source: imdb

gen:LOCK is another superhero animation. The plot is the setup of a far future.

In gen:LOCK universe, to fight a tyrannical evil, a team is created, and they fight with an advanced unique mecha technology. This technology refers to fighting robots. Our main character, Julian Chase, and his fellow teammates control them through their minds.

Channel- Rooster Teeth

No. of Seasons- 3

Total no. of Episodes- 25

  • 3. Rage Quit –

Rage Quit VRV
Image Source: roosterteeth

Rage Quit is the next game show on this list. Michael Jones and his temper are more than welcome here, agreeing with his justice. There are so many games that are truly hard to beat, and gamers feel unfair. Placing at number three, we appreciate Jones’s frustrated, exasperated commentary as he goes through the same struggles in his show Rage Quit.

Channel- Rooster Teeth

No. of Seasons- 8

Total no. of episodes- 204

  • 2. Bravest Warriors –

Bravest Warriors
Image Source: vsbattles.fandom

For the number two position, we place your very loved Bravest Warriors. Christopher “Chris” Kirkman, Beth Tezuka, Daniel “Danny” Vasquez, Wallow, these four characters from their world move from the universe to the universe.

You have so many different planets and dimensions and problems of various alien races. As Bravest Warriors, the title suggests these teenagers save the universe.

Channel- Cartoon Hangovers

No. of Seasons- 5

Total no. of episodes- 65

  • 1. Bee and Puppycat –

Bee and Puppycat
Image Source: imdb

Now finally, it’s time for the number one on our list. We place none other than Bee and Puppycat. Watching this, you will get to see an enchanting animation design. Bee, an unemployed woman in her early twenties, met Puppycat, who is cat or puppy, which we cannot ascertain… but we viewers can identify it as a magical animal.

They together go on missions in Fishbowl Space and have fun with strange adventures. The take on missions, and she finds a temporary job. The show only has one season so far, but desperately we fans are waiting for its Season 2, which is announced for 2022.

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Channel- Cartoon Hangover

No. of Seasons- 1

Total no. of episodes- 10

Now we close this list and hope you had fun looking at them. And if you haven’t watched these shows, we highly recommend you do it. Keep streaming VRV and keep exploring. If you want to know more about such Top 10 Best Anime on VRV Ranked as of 2021, read the articles below.

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