How Sukuna Back To Back Crushed Gojo’s Domain?

Sukuna and Gojo are two most powerful characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and their fight has been long anticipated. Fortunately, when their fight actually starts in the manga, it doesn’t disappoint at all. They are both going all out against each other, and by unleashing their domain expansions at the same time, the answer to who has the most effective domain becomes clear.

Like the characters, Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine and Gojo’s Unlimited Void are two strongest domains shown in the series yet. But it’s not just a matter of power, but effectiveness. Sukuna demonstrated a more effective domain by crushing Gojo’s domain two consecutive times.

Gojo’s domain is very well-made, with a powerful barrier and a deadly cursed technique within it with a sure-hit contract. Sukuna’s domain, on the other hand, is very unique. It doesn’t have a barrier, instead has a binding vow which makes around 200m surrounding him his range of attack, along with a sure-hit contract. Within this range, everything is a fair game for his slashing techniques.

Now, here is how Sukuna crushed Gojo’s domain:

First Time

  • Domain expansions, by nature, are much stronger on the inside than the outside. The inside of a domain is completely impenetrable, but is vulnerable on the outside. Since Sukuna’s domain has no barrier, he used his cursed technique to attack Gojo’s domain from the outside, crushing it as a result during the first clash of domains.

Second Time

  • The second time they unleashed their domains against each other, Gojo made a stronger barrier and Sukuna engaged Gojo in hand-to-hand combat to stay in touch with him, since only Gojo and anyone touching him are safe from the effects of Unlimited Void.

Sukuna also switched off the sure-hit effect of his domain and strengthened his cursed technique by the binding vow. With that, Sukuna attacked Unlimited Void from the outside again and crushed Gojo’s domain for the second time.

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