MHA Chapter 390 Unveils Shoto’s Ultimate Moves: Great Glacial Aegir & Flashfire Fist Phosphor

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia released yesterday and concluded the emotional fight between Dabi and his estranged family. MHA Chapter 390 not only had a huge emotional impact but it also revealed Shoto’s ultimate moves: Great Glacial Aegir and Flashfire Fist Phosphor.

The most interesting point about it is that the two greatest moves of Shoto come from his two different sides. While Great Glacial Aegir comes from the ice part of his Quirk, Flashfire Fist Phosphor relies on the fire side.

Great Glacial Aegir

  • In MHA Chapter 390, on their way to Gunga, Iida and Shoto perform a miracle, breaking the sound barrier and matching the speed of a jet engine. That was possible because Shoto constantly produced ice to reduce the damage of Iida’s Engine and used his fire to heat the nearby air to minimize the friction.
  • With Flashfire Fist Phosphor, Shoto uses his fire to propel himself forward at a great speed, landing several meters away. After Iida reaches his limit, Shoto has to use it to cover the rest of the way to the spot where Dabi and Endeavor are fighting.
  • Upon reaching the spot, he finds everything around Dabi burning, including Endeavor and the rest of the Todoroki family, and uses the Great Glacial Aegir. It is a broad-ranged move and covers a huge amount of area, generating ice all round and extinguishing the fire.

Both of these moves surely take a lot out of Shoto, and given how he was already severely wounded and tired, these two attacks might just render him powerless, at least for the time being. And coupled with the emotional turmoil he faces, the guy sure deserves a rest.

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