(2023) Top 15 Best Tubi TV Anime Ranked | Guide

Tubi is one of the most liked streaming ad-supported platforms with a wide range of libraries. Like Pluto TV, Tubi is also a popular streaming service in the US with over 20,000 older TV shows and movies to watch with ads. Currently, it is only available in America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. The best part of Tubi is not only tv-series and movies, but also, it has a good collection of anime.

Recently, some fans have been asking the ways to watch anime on Tubi. So, here’s the short answer: “How to watch anime on Tubi?” There are two ways to watch anime on Tubi, first by purchasing the subscription and second by advancing for ad-support format. Later in this post, we have explained this in brief. 

Over the past decade, anime has achieved worldwide popularity in the entertainment sector. Tubi has almost every popular anime series and movie in each genre, which has granted it a major advantage over Pluto TV. Therefore, in this post, we have explained the ranking on the Top 15 Best Tubi TV Anime according to IMDb ratings. Before jumping on the list, let’s get a brief look at how to watch anime on the Tubi TV guide.

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How to Watch Anime on Tubi-

Tubi is a ad-supported streaming platform. It means you’ll need to witness some ads while streaming its anime content legally. It’s a major source of business in the advertisement. In this pirated era, there are only a few platforms that provide users to access the best-animated series in a legal manner with ads, and Tubi is one of them. Its major source of business is advertisements. Below we have discussed the possible ways the user can watch anime on Tubi.

  • 1. Tubi Website-

Tubi is accessible only in five countries, i.e., the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

  1. Search Tubi on Google or any other search engine.
  2. In the “Search” section, type the name of the anime.
  3. Select your favorite season or movie.
  4. Start enjoying

Also, after 15-20 minutes, a pop-up will show about the sign-up for Tubi. You can sign-up (without entering any credit card details) and continue.

  • 2. Tubi TV App-

Tubi T.V. app is available on both Android and iOS but only for accessible countries.

  1. Download the Tubi app
  2. Sign up without a credit card
  3. Search your favorite anime
  4. Select season or movie.
  5. Enjoy watching

  • 3. Access Tubi using VPN-

Outside the USA, you can access Tubi by using VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private network that changes your location by creating a private network.

  1. Turn on VPN for the USA
  2. Search Tubi on Google (incognito mode).
  3. In the “Search” section, type the name of the anime.
  4. Select your favorite season or movie.
  5. Start enjoying

For the Tubi app, you can download the apk from Google and access it via VPN as mentioned above.

  • 4. Alternatives of Tubi TV-

  • Crackle
  • Pluto TV
  • Sling
  • List of Tubi T.V. Supported Devices for anime-
  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Roku,
  • Apple T.V.,
  • Amazon Fire T.V.,
  • Xfinity X1,
  • Xbox,
  • Samsung Smart T.V.s,
  • Sony Smart T.V.s,
  • PlayStation
  • web browsers

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Top 15 Best Tubi TV Anime Ranked-

  • 15) Fairy Tail (8.0) –

    Fairy tail anime
    Image source: IMDb

Fairy Tail is one of the best magic fantasy anime series. The story revolves around a young mage, Natsu Dragneel of the Fairy Tail guild, who is on the quest to search for his father. During his journey, he met Lucy Heartfilia, a beautiful celestial mage, and saved her. After that, he introduced her to the Fairy Tail guild, where she makes new friends, Grey, an ice mage, and Erza, a swordswoman mage. Together as a family, they go on different adventures and eliminate many evil forces.

  • 14) Bleach (8.2) –

    Bleach Anime
    Image Source: imdb

Another great packed anime is Bleach. Currently, its last season is scheduled to be released next year. The story begins when Ichigo Kurosaki accidentally becomes a Soul Reaper one night. Now he has to involve in the affairs of the Soul Society to save her friend Rukia. He formed a team with his classmates, Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, and Uryu Ishida, who have different abilities. Now Ichigo has to face different soul reapers and powerful captains to rescue Rukia.

  • 13) Usagi Drop (8.3) –

    Usagi Drop
    Image Source: IMDb

Usagi Drop is a beautiful josei series with a slice of life. The story begins when Daikichi, a 30 year old bachelor, meets Rin, a young girl who is his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter. Now being rejected by society, Daikichi decides to take her with him. So, how an inexperienced bachelor takes care of a young girl.

  • 12) Naruto (8.3) –

    Naruto Anime
    Image Source: imdb

Naruto is the best ninja anime with a lot of action and adventure. It is a story of an era where a war is going on between the Shinobi forces of different nations. One night, a nine-tail beast attacked the Hidden Leaf village. The fourth Hokage sacrificed his life and sealed the beast in a newborn boy, Naruto Uzumaki. And from then the hardship story of Naruto Uzumaki begins where everyone avoids talking to him, and he is not able to use his own chakra because of the beast sealed inside him.

  • 11) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (8.4) –

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Image Source: imdb

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the best supernatural series. The story revolves around the adventure of the Joestar family having supernatural abilities. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has five seasons with a total of 152 episodes. Currently, on Tubi, you can watch its first four seasons, and for the fifth one, we recommend you to advance on Crunchyroll.

  • 10) Saint Seiya (8.4) –

    Saint Seiya
    Image Source: IMDb

The plot begins when an orphan, Seiya, awakened his Cosmo, the inner spiritual power to obtain the protective armor of Saints, the powerful warriors of the Greek Goddess, Athena. After returning, he discovers that his sister has been missing. In search of his sister, he has to win the Galaxian Wars tournament, where the most powerful warriors of the different galaxies participate.

  • 9) Yu Yu Hakusho (8.4) –

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
Image Source: imdb

If you like Martial Arts anime series with a supernatural plot, then Yu Yu Hakusho is best for you. The story begins when Yuusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old, sacrificed his life to save a kid from an accident. Due to his ultimate sacrifice, Koenma of the spirit realm gives him a chance to regain his life by completing some tasks. Now he is appointed as a Spirit Detective along with Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama to thwart evil presences on Earth.

  • 8) Mushi-Shi (8.5) –

    Image Source: IMDb

Mushi-Shi is a great supernatural anime series with historical mysteries. The plot revolves around an unknown creature, Mushi, which is said to be the most primitive among all the living beings. No one knows how they look, and they can take the form of anything. Ginko, a person having the ability to see and communicate with Mushi, is on the journey to know their true existence.

  • 7) Great Teacher Onizuka (8.5) –

    GTO Great Teacher Onizuka Anime
    Image Source: imdb

Great Teacher Onizuka is a story of the ex-biker gang leader, Eikichi Onizuka, who dreams of becoming a great teacher because of the ideology that male teachers are popular among girls. He is not much good at academics, but he is great in life handling situations and knows to tackle the pressure. So, how his life experience and moral teachings will change his class students’ lives.

  • 6) One Punch Man (8.8) –

    One Punch Man Anime
    Image Source: imdb

One Punch Man is the best action-comedy anime series with an overpowered main character. The plot unveils the daily boring life of a guy, Saitama, who has become the strongest person in the entire universe. He is so powerful that every opponent is only one punch for him. Now the only thing he is craving for is popularity and a good fight.

  • 5) One Piece (8.8) –

    One Piece Anime
    Image Source: imdb

The story of Pirates, One Piece, where the pirates from worldwide set sail to the Grand Line in search of the greatest treasure called the One Piece. Many great monstrous pirates with supernatural abilities crush each other’s in their journey, and to save the normal peoples from these pirates; the great Marines are formed. In this battlefield world, a 17-year-old rubber boy, Monkey D. Luffy, also begins his journey to becoming the King of Pirates. So, how this young, strong-willed boy clashes with the outrageous pirates and marines.

  • 4) Cowboy Bebop (8.9) –

    Cowboy Bebop anime
    Image Source: IMDb

Cowboy Bebop comprises the plot in the future where human beings are colonized on different planets. Due to the rise in criminal activities, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) hired bounty hunters, also known as the Cowboys, to chase these criminals. In exchange, the police offer them different rewards. This time, a spaceship named Bebop is hired by the ISSP to capture the criminals.

  • 3) Hunter x Hunter (9.0) –

    Hunter x Hunter Anime
    Image Source: imdb

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best anime on Tubi. In the world where every monstrous species lives along with human. Hunters are appointed to carry out different missions, from catching criminals to eliminating dangerous creatures.

The story begins with the hunter exam, where one has to pass the life-risking tests to get the official license to become a hunter. Gon Freecss, a twelve-year-old boy, is also applied for the test in the dream to become a great hunter like his father. However, things get upside down when he discovers that the chosen path is far more challenging than he could have ever imagined.

  • 2) Death Note (9.0) –

Death Note
Image Source: imdb

Death Note is the best short anime on Tubi with mystery and supernatural. This anime is highly recommended for beginners. The plot exhibits a challenge between the most intelligent student, Light Yagami, who owns the death note, and the world’s greatest detective, L, that the one whose identity revealed first will be finished.

  • 1) Attack on Titan (9.0) –

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2
Image Source: CBR

Attack on Titan is the best anime on Tubi TV if you like action with Seinen demographics.Attack on Titan anime series is not for the fainthearted people. The series has shown too many carnage moments.

It is a story where giant humanoids attacked mankind and slaughtered every one of them. No one knows their origin. With great hopes of survival, humankind constructed colossal concentric walls that even giants couldn’t penetrate and lived for 100 years. But what will happen when the walls disintegrate. Then how the new generation will fight them?

Here, we conclude the rankings of Top 15 Best Tubi T.V. Anime according to the IMDb ratings. Fans can access Tubi by following the simple guide discussed above. We will be back with another list. Till then, stay tuned, stay healthy.

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